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Fairs and bonfires: the characteristic festivals of Emilia between archaism and traditions

Staying at Corte San Ruffillo in Davadola, nestled in the green hills of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, you will discovere fairs and bonfires: the characteristic festivals of Emilia between archaism and traditions.

Festa dei Falò- Rocca San Casciana

On the first Sunday following Easter, Rocca San Casciana hosts one of the most evocative events in Emilia-Romagna, the Festa dei Falò (Bonfire Festival), where the magic of the fires is the main event. During the whole week preceding the days of the festival, preparations are fervent, as everyone puts themselves to work to cut the so-called “spini” that will be made into two different haystacks. The two haystacks correspond to two different districts that compete to the sound of bonfires, fireworks and floats that parade through the city. As if that were not enough, this event also includes the parade of participants, children in costume and dancing accompanied by the best local DJs to unleash those present until dawn.

Festa dei Falò, Rocca San Casciana, photo by 4live

Palio di Santa Reparata

The Palio di Santa Reparata is one of the most characteristic festivals of the province of Forlì-Cesena, and consists of the challenge between the two villages (or districts) that constitute the wonderful city of Terra del Sole. The duelists are the Contrada of Borgo Fiorentino and the Contrada of Borgo Romano and, every year in September, they are the protagonists of a shooting competition with the ancient crossbow. It is a historical re-enactment that involves the presence of about 200 participants, as well as being an event of attraction for over 2000 spectators.

Palio di Santa Reparata, photo by artcityemiliaromagna

Falchi et Archi

In September, another event that cannot be missed is the one that takes place in Meldola, in the province of Forlì-Cesena, which is “Falchi et Archi” and is framed by the picturesque “Parco di Rocca delle Caminate”. It is a medieval re-enactment that will lead spectators, and fans, to take a dip in the past. There will be participants, medieval dinners, acrobats, minstrels, fire-eaters, special events such as the flight of hawks or shooting competitions with the ancient crossbow which you can attend.

Truffle festival

The town of Dovadola, in the period of October, is literally assaulted by the festival that celebrates one of the excellences of the territory: the Truffle Festival. It also enhances other typical products of the territory: polenta, croutons, eggs with truffles.


Portico di Romagna is famous for its handmade cribs, which every year attract the attention of thousands of visitors. Everyone can enjoy the nativities because they are organized outdoors, and in every part of the town, for an atmosphere made very suggestive by the colorful lights and Christmas decorations.

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