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Fireworks, festivals and rural traditions among the typical festivals of Faenza

By staying at Sacramora 12, a charming design farmhouse in Faenza, in the province of Ravenna, you can not only visit the city, but you can also take part in fireworks, festivals and rural traditions among the typical festivals of Faenza.

Lòm a Mêrz

Romagna is a land with a long agricultural tradition. In the past, in order to prevent misfortune in the fields, farmers organized propitiatory rituals, especially magic fires called Lòm a Mêrz (the lights of March).

Basically, with the advent of spring, large bonfires were lit, invoking a good harvest season for the fields, thus banishing the winter.

That is, they wanted to greet the arrival of summer by burning pruning and dry branches.

On the occasion of these bonfires, between the end of February and the beginning of March, people would gather in the various farmyards where they would celebrate by dancing around the fire.

Even today, this tradition remains intact: in the various farmyards in the countryside, people gather around the fire, dancing and tasting the products of the earth, with numerous initiatives to raise awareness of the earth, the animals, the orchards that populate the region.

Lòm a Mêrz, photo by illavorodeicontadini

Travelling Dinner

In May, by visiting Faenza, you can take part in the travelling dinner: throughout the city centre, restaurants, inns, wine cellars and breweries will delight you with their delicacies, with the possibility of not only tasting all the typical products of the region, but also of being able to build the concept of dinner that suits you best. All of this will be accompanied by artistic events and music by famous DJs..

Palio del Niballo

A moment long awaited by all the people of Faenza is undoubtedly the Palio del Niballo. It is a re-enactment of the history of a carousel that is disputed between the 5 districts of the city held on the fourth Sunday of June.

The Palio di Niballo is much more than just a race, but the aim is to underline the medieval and renaissance roots of Faenza, which still fascinates visitors today.

Palio del Niballo, photo by cittadarte.emilia-romagna

Fiera dei Sett Dulur 

Known throughout Romagna, the Fiera dei Sett Dulur attracts many people every year.

The festival was established in the seventeenth century. as an act of homage to Our Lady of Sorrows, represented with her heart pierced by seven swords that evoke the seven pains that the Virgin has suffered, although over the centuries it is going more and more to establish the secular aspect of this rural festival.

It is no coincidence that today this popular festival consists of various food and wine tastings and conferences on the craft of the region, in order to emphasize the cultural value of the city.


In September, Faenza hosts an important handicraft event called Argillà.

It is a ceramics festival that takes place along the streets of the old town, welcoming artists, potters and professionals in the field of artistic ceramics from all over the world.

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Sacramora 12 is an enchanting and modern design agritourism located in Faenza, in the province of Ravenna, an area...
Sacramora 12 is an enchanting and modern design agritourism located in Faenza, in the province of Ravenna, an area...
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