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From the parks to the festivals, to the Christmas markets in Trentino Alto Adige

During your stay in the B&B Il Sambuco, situated in Vignola, in the district of Trento, in Trentino Alto Adige, you can discover from the parks to the festivals, to the Christmas markets in Trentino Alto Adige.


In April, in Levico Terme, there’s the ORTINPARCO. You will see wonderful gardens and orchards set up by nurserymen or amateurs. You can also buy garden plants, or ornamental and horticultural plants. If you have doubts you can attend educational workshops for adults and children to learn all about the care of the plants!

Ortinparco, Levico Terme photo cultura.trentino


In May, in Trento, there’s the FILM FESTIVAL of the MOUNTAIN. If you love films you can not miss this event with so many films and documentaries related to this wonderful land. The themes range from climbing, skiing, fauna, the traditional life.


In June, in Trento there’s the FESTIVAL OF ECONOMICS. Through seminars and meetings, the festival aims to analyze the economic situation and focus on factors that are useful to the growth by analyzing the territories and local realities, different from one another in shape, presence of talent, facilities and available market.


In June, in Trento, there are the VIGILIANE FESTIVALS, in honor of the patron saint San Vigilio who was a missionary and then bishop of Trento. It is said that Vigilio, escaping to Trento, managed to break the rock only by placing the hand on it and opened the way to the town, where he was rescued. The festival lasts a week with the old town center of Trento, which is transformed into a medieval town to relive old traditions with music and shows.

Vigiliane Festivals, Trento photo cultura.trentino


In July, in Pergine Valsugana, there’s the PERGINE OPEN SHOW. The festival, now in its 40th edition, focuses on the diversity with respect to globalization, and also from the artistic point of view wants to emphasize the importance of creativity and the different languages of art, from music to theater.


In September, in Pergine Valsugana, there is the FESTIVAL OF TRANSHUMANCE. This event in the past marked the return of the herds from the mountain pastures in the valley, it takes place today with food and typical products tastings. In the evening the festival continues with music and folk dancing, and the mountain choirs.


In October, in Trento, there’s LA CASOLARA, an important food festival dedicated to cheese. The dairy products of Trentino, but also from other Italian regions, are the protagonists of tasting and exhibitions. Many laboratories are dedicated to children and local restaurants will prepare special menus dedicated to the most important cheeses.

Christmas market of Trento photo lenuovemamme


In December, between Levico, Trento and Pergine, there are the CHRISTMAS MARKETS. A unique atmosphere covers the Trentino in the Christmas season, thanks to the snow and a long tradition of craftsmanship. The markets are a must-see, with traditional wooden houses and thousands of items and Christmas decorations, but also many local products to taste!

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