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From Cabaret to the magic of Christmas, in the villages of Trento area

During your stay in B&B Pietra Rara, situated Pietramurata, in Dro, in Trento district, in Trentino Alto Adige, you can discover from Cabaret to the magic of Christmas, in the villages of Trento area.


In April in Trento there’s the Divinnosiola, an event related to wine and typical local dishes. This is a sporting event that organizes a trail running along the lakes and villages with itineraries that will lead us to discover the nature and the surrounding scenery including vineyards and wineries. For those who can not face a struggle like this, there are walks by the shorter route.


In Dro there’s the 12 Saturdays, every first Saturday of the month. This festival is linked to the seventeenth century, when the whole village escaped the plague through the intercession of the saints Rocco and Sebastiano, made vote of abstention from work every first Saturday of the month to dedicate them a holy Mass. During the festival there’s a parade with people in costume, distribution of typical dishes such as pasta and beans and olive bread.

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In June in Trento there is the Vigiliane Festivals. It is an eight-day festival in the village of San Vigilio, with theatrical performances, concerts, arts and crafts exhibitions, tastings of wines and traditional dishes. The festival has been held for over thirty years and is a regular event for locals and tourists.


In July in Dro it there’s the RidenDro and ScherzanDro, this cute play on words with the name of the town is the name of the national comedy festival that has been held in Dro for over ten years. Tens of cabaret newcomers who come from all over Italy will compete to win the top prize, accompanied by famous artists that will cheer the evenings.


In July in Dro there’s the Drodesera. It is an artistic festival that includes multi sensory installations and performances called Live Works. There will be works of fashion design, fine arts, reading, movies, flash mobs. Also many workshops and lessons for those who want to participate in person to discover art in various ways without preconceptions or definitions, in order to freely express their creativity.

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In December in Trento there is the Night of the lit stills. It is a traveling show between grappa distilleries of the town that tells the production process of Grappa and its history.


In December there’s the Christmas Market. In many villages of Trentino as Arco, Rango, Trento and Canale, we can walk through the colorful stands and buy many craft items, from wood to fabrics, to candles, to sweets. A magical Christmas atmosphere will involve adults and children.


In December in Riva del Garda there’s the Santa’s House. The workshop of elves works all year to prepare the toys and in December you and your children can pay a visit to this magical place that is located in the Fortress of Riva del Garda. You will learn to decorate tickets and ornaments, you can peek into Santa’s closet and taste his favorite snacks! Of course you can meet him and let your children hear his fabulous tales.

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