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Snow sculptures, typical products and music festivals in Trento area

During your stay in l’Hotel Zenana, situated in San Candido, in Bolzano district, in Trentino Alto Adige, you can discover snow sculptures, typical products and music festivals in Trento area.


In January in San Candido there’s the Snow Sculptures Festival. Many artists from Italy and the world will meet in the village to realize the snow sculptures. For the occasion they prepare the 3 meters ice blocks that will be carved in fanciful shapes, characters, monuments, animals. At the end of the work the most beautiful sculpture will be awarded and the works will decorate the village until the temperature melts them.

sculture neve (tgcom24)_opt

Snow Sculptures Festival photo tgcom24


In January in Valle di Casies there’s the Marathon of canederli. An unmissable event for lovers of traditional cuisine. The restaurants are busy in the preparation of canederli of all kinds, sweet and savory, with bacon, spinach, cheese, mushrooms, chocolate. A real marathon to try them all and choose your favorite!


In June in Dobbiaco there’s the International Choir Festival. More than one hundred Italian and international choirs perform with gospel, jazz, opera to offer an exceptional show to the public. The festival takes place in several theaters of the area, from Dobbiaco to San Candido, from Brunico to Valdaora and other surrounding villages.


In July in Dobbiaco there’s the Musical Week Gustav Mahler. The musician used to spend the summer holidays in the Dolomites, and the musical weeks in his honor want to enhance his work, but at the same time encourage the musical production of various kinds. There are composers and contemporary music groups that perform works of known artists along with unpublished and less visible works. There are many youth orchestras participating in the event.

Musical Week Gustav Mahler photo ysce


Between July and August, in Campo Tures there’s the street Cuisine. In the evenings of every Tuesday you can discover the traditional dishes of Trentino, from canederli to strauben, the mushroom risotto, strudel, cheese and other delicacies. For the occasion there will also be musicians, clowns and artists of various kinds that will cheer the summer evenings.


In September in San Candido there’s the Heugabel. It is a food and wine event. Heugabel means fork, the one used for hay, representative of the peasant and pastoral traditions. For the occasion, you can taste the typical products of the Trentino directly in Masi, you can also follow some stages of production to understand the work and the time needed to get these delicious foods from cheese to honey, from bacon to grappa.


In November in San Leonardo there’s the Ride of San Leonardo. The patron saint of knights, artisans, but also of prisoners, is celebrated with a rich parade composed of floats and horses, colorful traditional costumes and musical bands. On the same day there will be many stands that will offer you food and typical drinks.

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Boutique Hotel Zenana is 90 minutes away from Bolzano, one of the major cities of the region of Trentino-Alto Adige...
Boutique Hotel Zenana is 90 minutes away from Bolzano, one of the major cities of the region of Trentino-Alto Adige...
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