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Food music and fireworks on Lake Maggiore

When you stay at Il Sole di Ranco, located in Ranco (District of Varese), in Lombardy, you will have the opportunity to enjoy food music and fireworks on Lake Maggiore.

Sagra Asparago Bianco

It was during the ‘30s that the fame of the asparagus of Cantello, location in the District of Varese, began to spread. Apart from a small period between the ‘60s and the ‘70s, mainly because the newly-introduced mechanisation and the following dereliction of the cultivation of this selected asparagus, it has always enjoyed widespread appreciation.

The vegetable that people are used to eat is actually the so-called turione, that is the soft trunk appearing from the ground. Its harvesting begins at the end of March and it carries on until May and June.

The young germs can bear temperatures that reach -15° C, which makes their cultivation possible in both valleys and hills of the most part of the Po Valley.

Cantello is one of the last few lands, together with Mezzago – which is located in the District of Milan, and Cilavegna – in the District of Pavia, dedicated to the asparagus cultivation in this region. A feast that offers samples and sells this excellent vegetable is organised yearly, on the second Sunday of May.

Stresa Festival Musical

Stresa Festival Musical

Festa Musicale Lago Cromatico

The Lake Maggiore evokes infinite suggestions that inspire the Chromatic Lake Music Festival, whose main element is, as its name suggests, the music. It is, actually, through the music that spectators will know and discover the allures of this area. Fantasy, motion, harmony, and music animate the event.

But, Chromatic Lake also means colours that change depending on the different tints of the natural beauty of the landscapes, the nature, the mountains, as well as the various traditions and the typical hamlets.

The Chromatic Lake Musical Festival owes its name to the presence of several concerts of various musical genres. The Festival occurs from May to September, and it is a main event for the many Municipalities that overlook on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore. A wonderful chance to learn various traditions, as well as to try samples, take guided tours, attend to expositions, but also to take mountain-bike trips surrounded by the nature.

Stresa Festival Musical

By input of Italo Trentinaglia de Daverio, in 1961, the Stresa Musical Weeks were born, in a location in Piedmont, in the area of the Verbano Cusio Ossola. It is a passion, the Trentinaglia’s one, that has not arisen from personal interests, but comes from a family tradition.

In fact, his father Erardo had been Overseer of the La Fenice Theatre of Venice, general manager of the Scala Theatre of Milan, music coordinator and composer.

Lured by the natural splendours of Lake Maggiore, writers and musicians, like Arturo Toscanini, Umberto Giordano, and Gianandrea Gavazzeni, often used to congregate in Stresa, in a villa belonged to the Trentinaglia family.

In 1961, right on the occasion of a sojourn, the idea to make Stresa the seat of a relevant yearly international festival of classical music took form. From the 22nd to the 26th of July, also this year, the Midsummer Jazz Concerts is taking place in a wonderful location that is the lakefront La Palazzola, in Stresa.


Spettacolo Piro Musicale Lake Maggiore

Ferragosto Sotto il Salice

In Ranco (District of Varese), located on the blooming shore of Lake Maggiore, in the wonderful park seated on the lake bank, the Feast of the Assumption Underneath the Willow takes place. At midday and at nineteen, every day, a gastronomic stand offers typical recipes and dishes based on lake fish. In the evening, there is the occasion to dance on the notes played by renowned orchestras.

Spettacolo Piro Musicale

A pleasant sojourn at Il Sole di Ranco, located in Ranco (District of Varese), in Lombard, will give you the chance to attend to the traditional Fireworks-musical performance, which takes exactly place in this agreeable Lombard town.

The fireworks in rhythm of music have become an event that is amongst the most appreciated and awaited. During the evening of the 13th of August, the fireworks-musical performance amazes all the participants.

As per solid tradition, besides the performance, there is also the so-called salt war, against the towns that overlook the lake bank on the Piedmontese side. It is a playful firework shooting that is quite one-of-a-kind, which begins on Lake Maggiore, between Ranco – Meina, in Lombard and Solcio, in Piedmont. The fireworks-musical performance develops following a soundtrack on whose notes the fireworks will dance.

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We are in the Varesotto, not far from the border between Lombardy and Piedmont, facing Lake Maggiore,...
We are in the Varesotto, not far from the border between Lombardy and Piedmont, facing Lake Maggiore,...
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