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Wine, Opera and Drama in Verona area

When you stay at B&B Il Maestro near the heart of  Verona, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Wine, Opera and Drama in Verona area.

Festa Medievale del Vino Bianco di Soave

The White wine medieval feast of Soave, a Municipality located in Veneto, in the District of Verona, is a real leap in the past. In the wonderful hamlet, people feel a magical atmosphere, gladdened by flag-wavers and knights, medieval games, and archers, but also by a costume parade and the exhibition of the ancient crafts, not to forget the Castellan’s investiture, occurring in the unforgettable Scaliger stronghold.

The event, with all its many performances, takes place – as usual – on the third Sunday of May, and it begins, in the Captain Palace, with a wonderful medieval banquet amongst jesters and musicians, donating emotions and flavours coming from ancient times.

The medieval panorama of Soave, therefore, is enriched by many moments of feast, until the evocative Imperial Castellania of Suavia Castellans’ and Spadarino’s investiture occurs. It is the only enoic feminine guild founded by famous women coming from the show business, from the fields of culture and business, grouped in with the same passion for the gold nectar of Soave, and with the pleasure to promote the appearance of the ancient hamlet.

Festa medievale del vino bianco soave

Festa medievale del vino bianco Soave

Palio del chiaretto

In Bardolino, a Municipality located in Veneto, in the District of Verona, in spring, the traditional Palio of the Chiaretto takes place. In the Veronese territory, one of the most appreciated wine productions surely is the Bardolino Chiaretto Doc, which offers a typical floral aroma.

The Bardolino Chiaretto Doc is obtained from red grapes winemade in rose, and it is a great wine, refreshing and pleasant, suitable to be matched with cold cuts, risottos, white meats, and fish. It is, moreover, an excellent aperitif if served fresh.

Bardolino entitles, to this typical wine of the Garda territory, the traditional Palio of the Chiaretto, a promoting and representing event created expressly for this wine. This is an exhibition that is able to join the different flavours to musical entertainments and side-events, which occur in the old town. Wine enthusiasts and tourists, will have the chance to try a variety of wines made available by the wine cooperatives of Bardolino, inside characteristic stands, and to enjoy some days of spring on the lakeshore.

Opera in Arena

One of the most suggestive and world-renowned Italian theatrical spaces is the Verona Arena, which, also for the lyric season 2015, offers a top programme with operas like the Carmina Burana, the Tosca, the Nabucco, the Don Giovanni, the Barber of Seville, the Aida, and, obviously, the Romeo and Juliet.

The Verona amphitheatre is undoubtedly one of the most relevant monuments that come from the Roman Age, and it certainly is the best-preserved of them.

It is better known by the name of Arena, which means sand, in Latin, which was used to cover the area where the performances and the games were played. Traditionally, its construction is dated back to the I Century A.C., when August the Emperor ruled. Today, it is one of the biggest and most prestigious archaeological European monuments. Not for nothing it is the third amphitheatre, by size, after the Coliseum in Rome, and after the Campania Amphitheatre, located close to Napoli. The Arena was originally placed right outside the Roman walls of Verona.


Palio del Chiaretto

Shakespeare Verona

Since sixty-four years ago, the Shakespearian Festival has been the historic core of the Veronese Theatrical Summer. Renato Simoni, father of the event, inaugurated it in 1948, performing Romeo and Juliet in the Roman Theatre.

This tradition has been passed down for the following decades, strengthened by the fact that the city of Verona is one of the places in the world most connected with the name of Shakespeare. Not for nothing, it is remembered by the English playwright in three of its plays, more precisely in The taming of the shrew, in the Two gentlemen from Verona, and in the famous Romeo and Juliet.

Unique in Italy, and second in Europe after the one of Stratford-upon-Avon, the Shakespearian Festival, throughout the years, has been able to propose what best the Italian theatre could offer, as well as some worldwide-renowned artists and acting companies. Just to remind some of the prestigious companies, we may mention the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Berliner Ensemble founded by Bertolt Brecht, not to forget personalities like Vanessa Redgrave, Isabelle Huppert, Peter Brook e Jérôme Savary.

Palio di San Lorenzo Soave

When you stay at B&B Il Maestro near the heart of  Verona you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Palio of San Lorenzo Soave, a medieval town located in Veneto in the District of Verona, the Palio of San Lorenzo is performed, an ancient competition that occurs right outside the walls of the Castle. Into an unrestrained challenge, the ten contradas of the town compete with each other.

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