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Antiques, music and genuine flavors around Pordenone

Anticamente – Antiquariato – Aviano

It is a market exhibition of antiques that occurs from dawn till dusk, in Aviano, located in the District of Pordenone. The exhibition is included within a scenario that takes us to different times, with the accompaniment of ancient music, but it also offers stands where it is possible to sample the typical wine-and-food products of the area.

Besides that, it will be possible to have some advice from the experts of this field, in order to better appreciating the proposals offered by the exhibitors. It will be possible to admire more than five millions of monographs by artists coming from all over the world: ancient painters and modern artists, mosaic-makers, ivory-workers, tapestry-makers, needle-painters, designers, architects, horologists, goldsmiths, ebony-carpenters, wood-carvers, potters, engravers, and sculptors.

Anticamente Antiquariato Aviano

Anticamente Antiquariato Aviano

Sagra della Patata – Ovoledo

From the 19th to the 28th of July, in Ovoledo, a fraction belonging to the Municipality of Zoppola (District of Pordenone), the Feast of the Potatoes takes place; it is a traditional local exhibition. In the small fraction that is Ovoledo, potato represents one of the most typical cultivated products, insomuch as, Ovoledo has become one of the excellences per as the production of this specie in the entire Friuli.

Every year, several participants take part into the event, being able to sample genuine courses, prepared according to the tradition, like fries, potato salads, Frico with potatoes, gnocchi with butter or Bolognese sauce, but also ham and melon, porchetta, pork chops, and sausages, the lot seasoned by the peerless typical Friulian wines. Pub and wine bar are free to all the participants, not to forget the great charity lucky dip.

Sagra dell’Oca Morsano al Tagliamento

Morsano al Tagliamento, located in the District of Pordenone, is called, in Friulian dialect, Morsan des Ocjis, that is Morsano of the gooses; it is because in the past, the breeding of this barnyard animal was quite common. Hence, the festival is a main appointment that aims to celebrate rebirth and rediscovery of the traditional cookery of the low Friuli.

Besides the opportunity to sample tasteful goose-based recipes, it will be possible to attend to meetings with writers, but also to art expositions, as well as musical entertainments. The Feast of the Goose takes place in Morsano al Tagliamento in November, and, in the evenings of the festival, there will be several gastronomic stands offering the visitors specialties such as, exactly, the goose. It is expected gluten-free dishes to be available as well.

Sagra dei Sest

Sagra dei Sest

MIV Festival

The MIV Festival, on the occasion of its twenty year anniversary, proposes a performance entirely dedicated to the World War I, which had been intensely fought through the whole Friulian territory. A unique performance of an unforgettable musical project, but also a once-off chance to attend to a concert of the Einstürzende Neubauten, the famous German industrial music group developed in Berlin, in 1980.

The Einstürzende Neubauten founded Lament, an exceptional project of a musical opera inspired to the outbreak of the World War I. The Einstürzende Neubauten use, on live performance, some instruments that are quite innovative and peculiar, like pieces of steel, recycled objects, electronics, besides an ensemble of strings, and their sing, obviously.

Sagra dei Sest

The Feast of the Sest has been celebrating, yearly, for more than three-hundred years, on the first weekend of September. Originally, the Feast of the Sest was a simple basket local market for farming activities.

There was, in fact, a shy participation of producers in the local market; the products themselves were quite limited in variety and quantity. Anyway, each one of them offered definitely useful and handy qualities, since they were intended for farm work, like the harvesting of cobs, or for domestic use, in case of kitchenware.

Originally, the Feast of the Sest used to took place nearby the famous Sanctuary of the Most Saint, at the springs of the River Livenza, in the District of Pordenone; Emperor Teodosio required its construction and, according to the legend, the Trinidad appeared there in 437 A.C.

In the past century, the Feast of the Sest were moved to the old town of Polcenigo, still in the District of Pordenone, becoming soon the most important event of the year. Not for nothing, every year more and more visitors come here to attend to the Feast of the Sest.

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