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Fish, porc and wild pork in Piana degli Albanesi


The Caponata is a great side dish made with eggplant. Eggplants are cut into cubes and fried, then added to a rich fried made with olive oil, onion, celery, tomato, black olives, capers, pine nuts. The final touch is the sweet and sour flavor with the addition of vinegar and sugar. It’s a simple but tasty dish served with meat or to be enjoyed alone for a fresh and light dinner especially in summer!

Sarde a Beccafico

Sarde a Beccafico

The Sarde a Beccafico have their origin in Palermo. The sardines are prepared and cleaned without bones. Then the “muddica atturrata” is prepared, very common in Sicily, which consists in breadcrumbs toasted in a pan and then combined with oil. The “muddica” then is added to pine nuts, raisins, sugar, salt and pepper, the sardines are stuffed with the compound, then are cooked in a baking pan. This dish is the modification of an aristocratic dish that included the warblers, which are birds.

Anelletti al forno

Baked anelletti are a delicious pie dough, you can prepare it with meat sauce, ham and cheese or with tomato sauce and eggplant. In both cases, the seasoned pasta, cooked in the oven will be assuming the typical shape of a cake, and a delicious gratin surface, an excellent dish on holidays!

Stringozzi al ragù di cinghiale

The stringozzi with wild boar sauce are a great first course, especially if you use fresh pasta. The wild boar sauce was traditionally reserved for feast days and was linked to the rich game that few could afford. Today we can enjoy an excellent first course with meat sauce, with a rustic and strong flavor, while the wild boar meat is often served as a second course.

Pasta with sardines

Pasta with sardines

Pasta con le sarde

Pasta with sardines is a dish that has its origin in Palermo, but has spread throughout Sicily. This dish was created during the Arab domination. It is prepared mainly with bucatini or spaghetti, the sardines are crushed and fried with onions and anchovies, with the addition of pine nuts, raisins, saffron and wild fennel. A characteristic and rich flavor!

Filetto di maialino nero dei Nebrodi

The fillet of the black pig of Nebrodi can be prepared accompanied with sweet and sour sauce, or with potatoes, or with orange sauce, or flavored with garlic and rosemary. The black pig is a typical Sicilian breed and the breeding of this pig dates back to the Greek period, is a small animal in size and is highly regarded for quality meat.

Pesce spada alla siciliana

The Sicilian swordfish is a typical second course of fish prepared with fresh swordfish browned in a pan and seasoned with anchovies, olives, white wine and tomatoes. In Messina there’s a variant made with almonds and capers. This delicious dish is suitable for summer days.

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