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Ancient towns and beautiful Roman mosaics in the Enna district


Near Aidone, in Enna district, there’s the archaeological site of Morgantina, where excavations have unearthed a real town with neighborhoods and homes. Among the most important points there are the theater and the Sanctuary of Demeter. The Archaeological Museum of Aidone, since the 80s has categorized and exposed to public the objects and the furniture found in the excavations, including the statue of Venus and coin collections.

Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina


In the municipality of Piazza Armerina, there’s the archaeological site with the Villa del Casale. This Roman villa discovered in the 50s includes apartments with rooms full of mosaics on the floors and walls. Among the most important mosaics there are “the corridor of the great hunt”, the scenes of Ulysses defeating Polyphemus, the mosaic of the “small circus”. Inside the villa there is also a spa and outside the complex there are columns with Ionic capitals surrounding the courtyard.


The Cathedral of Enna is dedicated to the patron saint of the town, Holy Mary of the Visitation. The statue of the Virgin is kept in the Chapel of the Marbles, built in the fifteenth century, it opens in June for the celebration of the patron saint, at Easter and Christmas. You can enter the church with a long staircase and the porch with 6 columns, the facade is richly decorated, and the bell tower is impressive, with the bell known as the “101 tons”.

The Castello di Lombardia, so called because it was occupied by the Lombards, is located in a strategic position overlooking a vast territory and offers an excellent view. The best preserved part of the castle is the Pisana Tower, testimony of its impressive defensive structure that initially had 20 towers.

castello lombardia (mapio_opt

Castello di Lombardia photo mapio

The Tower of Federico II, was built upon the model of the Temple of Jerusalem by Federico II to defend the surrounding territory. It stands proudly on the hill and offers a great view of the surrounding countryside.

With the Rock of Ceres we mean a vast territory of more than one thousand kilometers, located in different municipalities of the district of Enna, and is included in the homonymous geopark. In the area are included old mines used since ancient times, as well as protected natural landscapes of great natural and geological interest.


Near Canalotto valley there are the ruins of a Byzantine village. The town is made of rock and includes many parts. The most significant are two churches that resemble the structure of a basilica, including the niches in the side walls, used to house the urns. Several other locations were instead dedicated to the civil and work use, especially in the processing of agricultural products.

Villaggio bizantino Calascibetta phot notizie.comuni-italiani

Villaggio bizantino Calascibetta photo notizie.comuni-italiani


Near the small village of Calascibetta, the Necropolis of Realmese is an important testimony of the proto-historic periods and archaic periods. With 288 rock-cut tombs, the archaeological site has been dated in fact between ninth and sixth century BC. In the necropolis there are also the remains of ancient streets, maybe of the Norman era, called “Regie trazzere” which linked the villages with long distances, with a radial structure.

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