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Chamber music and genuine flavors around Imperia

When you stay at the Relais del Maro, located in Borgomaro, and at La Casa del Caco, located in Dolcedo, in the province of Imperia, in Liguria, you will have the opportunity to enjoy chamber music and genuine flavors around Imperia.

Sagra della Paella

In Borgomaro, a delightful location in the province of Imperia, every year on the last Saturday of the month of May, the traditional Sagra della Paella (Paella Festival) takes place, a culinary and dancing event. In a convivial atmosphere you will take part in an exciting celebration, where you can also taste the specialties of a delicious cuisine.

Fiera dell’Aglio      

In Vessalico, a charming hamlet in the province of Imperia, every two years the usual Fiera dell’Aglio (Garlic Fair) is held, a tradition already mentioned back in 1760. The Arroscia Valley  has always been the natural transit trade route between Liguria and Piedmont, and this fair celebrates its importance. It is a moment of living aggregation, a celebration of ancient trades and barters.

Sagra di Borgomaro

Among the typical alleys of Borgomaro  in the province of Imperia  you can taste the specialties of the area if you participate in the Sagra di Borgomaro (Festival of Borgomaro), where the specialties of the sea meet those of the mountain. The most interesting dishes of the festival are the extremely delicious mussels and the delicious porchetta, a union of flavors, tastes and traditions of ancient and noble lineage.

Festival di Musica da Camera foto strumentiemusica

Festival di Musica da Camera foto strumentiemusica

Festival internazionale musica da camera

Cervo, in the province of Imperia, has deep ties with music which started with the magnificent interpretations of the maestro Sandor Vegh that occurred more than fifty years ago. The International Festival of Chamber Music  obviously has followed a path of maturation, development and growth, which became  a brilliant idea over the years, a well-structured harmoniously constituted project, where famous artists give the best of their musical interpretations.

Festa della Cucina Bianca 

The ancient hamlet of Mendatica, in the province of Imperia, is the place where the Festa della Cucina Bianca (Festival of the White Kitchen) happens, a traditional occasion which sees a great participation of people. In fact, tourists are guided in the historic centre of the village, from the notes of various musical groups.

An incredible gastronomic route, which winds through squares and streets, providing the opportunity to taste the local specialties dating back to the civilization of the Malghe. A great opportunity to learn about the typical flavours.



Sagra del Fagiolo

The association A Toa de San Muixiu of Conio, a fraction of Borgomaro  in the province of Imperia, organizes   for the feast in honor of San Maurizio, wonderful and tasty stands dedicated to local gastronomy in September. This is the best opportunity to sample the famous beans of Conio, a specialty covered in the many Ligurian Slow food, accompanied by the music of orchestras.


Three incredible days in OnegliaImperia, dedicated entirely to the discovery of many typical products of Liguria, of traditional dishes and of a culturally rich area.

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Relais del Maro

Via Ambrogio Guglieri 1 , Borgomaro (IM)
Relais del Maro is situated in the heart of Borgomaro, a little town in the Impero Valley, in the shelter of the Ma...
Relais del Maro is situated in the heart of Borgomaro, a little town in the Impero Valley, in the shelter of the Ma...
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