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Festivals and feast around Noli

When you stay at Ca di Tobia, which is located in Noli, in Liguria in the province of Savona on the Riviera di Ponente, you will have the opportunity to enjoy festivals and feast around Noli.

Festival Teatrale Verezzi

Since 1967, this famous festival rich in history, photos, events and shows takes place every summer in Borgio Verezzi, in the province of Savona. Toned by the aromas of the Ligurian vegetation and refreshed by the sea breeze, visitors will take part in an interesting, rich and important event. They will also enjoy one of the most beautiful locations that mother nature has to offer, the Ligurian coast. In addition, the Church of Sant’Agostino and the ancient stone houses further enrich the beauty of this place.

Festival di Verezzi foto savonanews

Festival di Verezzi foto savonanews

Partenza Cristoforo Colombo

It is the historical commemoration of the departure of the famous navigator on 13 May 1476, the year in which aboard the Bechalla he finally left his birth place, Liguria. From the bay of Noli, Christopher Columbus set sail with four other ships probably directed to the land of the perfidious Albione, England. Along with Christopher Columbus there were Nicolò Spinola, commander of a whaling ship, and Goffredo Spinola, Gian Antonio di Negro and Teramo Squarciafico who commanded three galleys.

Cena del Marchese

In the middle of July it is held in Toirano, in the province of Savona, the famous and traditional dinner in the park of the Marquis, a festival of real ligurian tradition, with characteristic dishes the pasta with pesto, the rabbit alla ligure and the cima alla toiranese.

Festa dei Gunbi

Every year in Toirano, in the province of Savona, the Festa dei Gunbi has become one of the most awaited events of the summer. It is a festival that is not only synonymous with good food and country fair, but it is also an event in which you can have fun and meet people.

Sagra delle Lumache 

The paradise of every gourmand is located in Borgio Verezzi, in the province of Savona. Not for nothing the famous Sagra delle lumache (Feast of snails) is a wonderful opportunity to taste the well-known snails alla verazzina. In fact, you can also taste other typical specialties such as gnocchi and ravioli, polenta and sausage, strips of chicken accompanied with peppers, tripe and also the amazing and tasty fried squid.


Cairo Medievale

Cairo Medievale

A pleasant stay at Ca di Tobia, which is located in Noli, in Liguria in the province of Savona on the Riviera di Ponente, will give you the opportunity to participate in the famous Cairo Medievale.

It consists of five nights full of events that carry the participants back in time also with the help of old tastes, in which you can spend peacefully your time among theater, cheerfully street music and local cuisine. Organized by the Pro Loco in cooperation with the Municipality of Cairo Montenotte, which is located in the province of Savona, the event takes place in a beautiful medieval hamlet.

In the evening it is also held the traditional dinner, an itinerant journey organized by the Alabarda Association between the medieval market and taverns. Many shows with the best-known companies internationally, lights and music, tastes and smells, amaze the children as well as the adults. You will certainly live a unique and magical experience, where dreams and reality alternate with each other.

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