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Regattas, flowers and enchanted nights in the Imperia backcountry

During your stay in the agritourism L’Adagio in Badalucco, in Imperia district, in Liguria, you can take part to regattas, flowers and enchanted nights in the Imperia backcountry.


In March in Sanremo there’s the beautiful parade of Flower Floats or Flower Parade. Every year they choose a theme and create floats with amazing and colorful floral arrangements. The sets are truly ingenious and spectacular, and the floats come from all the districts of Liguria to pay tribute to the beautiful flowers of the Riviera.


On the 14th and 15th of August in Badalucco we can take par to Invitation to wine, a tasting of more than 200 types of Italian wines. The wine will be expertly paired with meats, pasta dishes, desserts and cheeses, for a festival of flavor and taste. You can also visit the cellars and follow the workshops with expert sommeliers.

sanremoinfiore-201583 (puntosanremo)_opt

Flower Floats Sanremo photo puntosanremo


In August in Triora there’s the Strigora. Triora is known as the village of witches. Here the Inquisition accused many women of witchcraft during the sixteenth century and the paths that lead to the witches’ house are still alive. Between theater shows and representations we can relive a magical atmosphere.


In September in Molini di Triora there’s the Snail Festival. This festival has now exceeded 50 years and each year attracts many fans. You can enjoy the snails in many recipes and see who will win the “golden snail” with the best dish. In addition, you can cheer during the race of snails, find beautiful objects in craft market, listen to music, and visit the village of Molini.


In September, in Badalucco there’s the Stockfish Festival. The typical main recipe of this village is the Baucogna Stockfish, which provides for the use of the Norwegian fish with typical ingredients of Liguria, olives, pine nuts and other flavorings. It is said that thanks to the stocks of stockfish and the whole village and the coast managed to survive long sieges of the Saracens and to finally win the battle. This festival has been held for over forty years and the fans of these delicacies are more and more numerous

Strigora (fcea)_opt

Strigora photo fcea


In September in Imperia there’s the festival of the Vintage Sails. It is a regatta with sailboats that has been held in Porto Maurizio for almost thirty years. Challengers come every year from all over Italy to try to win the race and seeing them at work with the helm of these beautiful boats is a unique experience.


At the end of October in Triora they celebrate Halloween. A perfect location for this event, right in the village of witches. In the night between October 31 and November 1 the world of the living and the dead comes into contact. This pagan festival is also celebrated here with the representation of an enchanting village and several workshops and seminars on the use of herbs and fire. Dances and rituals will take us into a magical and fascinating world where reality is mixed with fantasy.

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