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Sport competitions and open wine cellars in Aosta Valley

When you stay at La Jolie Bergere, located in the suburb Planaval in La Salle, in the Aosta Valley, in the province of Aosta, you will have the opportunity to enjoy sport competitions and open wine cellars in Aosta Valley.

Open wine cellars    

The last Sunday of the month of May, the traditional event Open Wine Cellars is held, one of the most loved and promoted events by the Wine Tourism Movement.

The festival is a wonderful and special opportunity to discover those that are considered the best wine labels of Aosta Valley. A journey not only among the renowned wines, but also a beautiful and magnificent opportunity to taste the typical dishes and the excellence of the local products. You can, in fact, taste typical specialties from the Aosta Valley, like for example, the Toma di Gressoney, the Fontina, the Lard d’Arnad and the Jambon de Bosses.

Licony Trail 

The Licony Trail is the traditional race that takes place in the mountains. A route that everyone can handle that winds for twenty-five kilometers, with a drop of about one thousand three hundred meters. The departure and the arrival of the event is expected in Morgex. The Licony Trail crosses famous places such as Beauregard, Planaval, Licony, Parquet di Modzoun and La Villottaz.

Licony Trail LaStampa_opt

Licony Trail foto

La Pass Pitchu

For over fifteen years the towns of Séez, in France, and La Thuile, in Italy, alternatively, meet each to celebrate the reopening of the Hill of the Piccolo San Bernardo and, therefore, to welcome the summer season.

It is also an opportunity to learn more about the savoiard traditions, but also to go around and browse through the many stalls that sell local craftsmanship, textiles, stone and wood, as well as to taste the typical food and wine products. In fact, on this particular festive occasion the affiliated restaurants propose a typical menu at a favorable price.

Sagra della Fiocca

In Avise, in the village of Béileun, in the province of Aosta, in June, the traditional sagra della fiocca takes place, that is, the festival of the whipped cream.

The village is located at the beginning of the Valgrisenche at a height of 1700 meters. To get there you have to take a lovely route that winds through the woods. During the festival it is also organized the Martse della fiocca, which is a running race. For lunch you eat stews, grilled meats, carbonada and polenta. Instead, during the afternoon the women of the alpine village whip the cream that will then be stored inside a natural ice cave.

Gran Trail Courmayeur

Gran Trail Courmayeur

Gran Trail Courmayeur 

To be able to admire some of the spectacular views offered from Courmayeur, in the province of Aosta, and of its valleys, the runners in July have three available races with varying distances. The shortest is 30 kilometers long, the middle one is sixty kilometers long, while the longest one is of ninety kilometers long.

La Toupie Gourmanda

A lovely stay at the La Jolie Bergere, located in the Frazione Planaval a La Salle, in the Aosta Valley, in the province of Aosta, will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the Tòupie Gourmanda that comes to life through the typical stone houses and vineyards and with the stunning view of Mont Blanc.

A route with stages that lets you enjoy the aromas and flavors of a very special land. Among ethno-cultural insights and animations, many participants are divided with a starting thrown to live an incredible experience of about three hours.

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