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Anchovies and vegetables in the typical dishes of Cilento

During your stay in Marulivo Hotel, situated in Pisciotta in Salerno district, in Cilento, in Campania,  you can taste anchovies and vegetables in the typical dishes of Cilento.


The “cauraro” is a soup of anchovies and vegetables, prepared with zucchini, onions, garlic, chicory, wild fennel and fava beans. There is also an older version, with sardines instead of anchovies, sardines in fact were much cheaper and this was a dish typical of the poor families. The vegetables used were in fact wild ones that could be easily found in the countryside. Today you can enjoy both versions of cauraro, with anchovies and sardines, and enjoy these typical Pisciotta seafood specialties.

Cauraro photo naturalmentescienza

Cauraro photo naturalmentescienza

Melanzane ‘nchiappate

The ‘nchiappate eggplants, or stuffed eggplants, are a vegetable dish made with eggplant slices, stuffed between a slice and the other and then fried. The compound for the filling is prepared with bread crumbs, eggs and cheese. These two slices are fried in hot oil, then arranged in layers in a baking dish with plenty of tomato sauce. A further baking in the oven will create a delicious dish!

Alici imbuttunate

The imbuttunate anchovies, that are stuffed anchovies, are a tasty appetizer or a second course of fish. The anchovies are cleaned and open. Then the filling is prepared with eggs, chopped parsley and grated cheese, preferably goat cheese. Once stuffed, the anchovies are fried in a pan, a real treat! The imbuttunate anchovies are still an inevitable dish on feast days.

Maracucciata di Lentiscosa

The Maracucciata Lentiscosa or Maracuoccio Lentiscosa, is one of the symbols of Cilento. The maracuoccio is a typical legume of the area, and with the flour that is obtained, often mixed with wheat flour, they prepare a polenta with a unique flavor. Among other ingredients there are olive oil, flour, beans, chickpeas, onions and other vegetables. This old rustic dish is the protagonist of the homonymous festival and the production of the legume is so narrow that you can only enjoy it in this area.

Acqua cecata photo la trappola golosa

Acqua cecata photo la trappola golosa

Acqua cecata

The cecata water is an old dish with poor origins. Its main ingredient is the bread, or toasted bread, flavored with fried with tomatoes, garlic, some anchovies, extra virgin olive oil. Everything is bathed in boiling water that softens the bread and blends the ingredients. A simple soup that today is a typical specialty of Cilento.

Tortino di Alici

The anchovies pie is another way to enjoy this fish widespread in Campania. The anchovies are placed in layers alternating with layers of bread crumbs, garlic and parsley. Baked in the oven, the cake is a tasty and delicious dish. In some variations you can add potato slices, or lemon juice between the anchovies, to make the dish even more tasty. Or you can prepare the cake using imbuttunate anchovies with a richer stuffing with eggs and cheese.

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