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Flowers, Jazz and Regatta in Cilento

During your stay in Marulivo Hotel, situated in Pisciotta in Salerno district, in Cilento, in Campania, you can discover flowers, Jazz and Regatta in Cilento.


In May in the Valley of the Orchids in Sassano, there is the Spring Festival, a wonderful opportunity to visit this park dedicated to almost 200 species of orchids. In May this loved flower begins flowering and offers the best of its features. It could be even more interesting if we think that these orchids are mostly spontaneous!


Between June and July in Pisciotta there’s the Festival of the anchovies of Menaica. It is a festival about fish where, among other species, the menaica anchovies are the protagonists. Menaica is a special fishing net that is used only in very few places in Italy. This ancient fishing technique is still practiced by the village fishermen, and allows you to fish only the largest anchovies. These are immediately processed and prepared for consumption.


In July in Caselle in Pittari, there’s the Palio of the Wheat. This event aims to promote the varieties of local wheat with a competition between the districts of the village and pay tribute to the long farming tradition that has characterized the life of the village in the past centuries.

Palio of the Wheat photo cilentochannel


In August in Palinuro there’s the Night of the Myth, dedicated to Ulysses. Hundreds of people are engaged in a striking theatrical performance on the beach, to recall the adventures of Ulysses.


In August in Ispani there’s the Ispani Jazz. For over ten years, this music festival has been hosting the great jazz artists who perform in the many events organized for a whole week. The public confirms annually the love for this kind of music and its interpreters.


In August in Cuccaro Vetere there’s the Palio of the Ciuccio. In a reenactment of the peasant life style of the past years in the Cilento, the Ciuccio, that is the donkey, plays a key role. The palio celebrates the animal’s usefulness and its importance in the work and at the same time its simple and docile nature. The donkey was also the only means of transport. Today, the donkey has lost its original function, but still remains in the hearts of many people and is an affectionate pet.


In August, in Padula there’s the 1000 eggs omelette. This fun event is linked to the historical commemoration of the visit of Charles V to Padula. It seems that the monks cooked, to feed the army, an omelet made of a thousand eggs, which still is cooked today. Even more impressive is the machine that is used to maneuver the giant frying pan!


In September in Marina di Pisciotta, summer ends with an exciting Latin Sail Regatta or the Three Towers regatta. With the participation of vessels and crews from Campania, the regatta is an event that sea lovers can’t miss.

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Marulivo Hotel enjoys a spectacular situation, located as it is in the town of Pisciotta, and therefore part of the...
Marulivo Hotel enjoys a spectacular situation, located as it is in the town of Pisciotta, and therefore part of the...
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