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Hamlets, archaeological sites and churches in Cilento

During your stay in Marulivo Hotel, situated in Pisciotta in Salerno district, in Cilento, in Campania, you can discover hamlets, archaeological sites and churches in Cilento.


Pisciotta is a beautiful medieval village situated on a hill, made of narrow streets sometimes similar to a maze. The Chapel of San Michele is almost hidden among the narrow streets, built in the eighteenth century, inside there is the beautiful statue of St. Michael the Archangel, and some coats of arms on the floor.




In the area there are two archaeological sites, Velia / Elea with a whole village of Roman and Hellenic era and Paestum, with several well preserved temples, both sites are connected to archaeological museums with thousands of artifacts and are included in the list of UNESCO wolrd heritage sites.


The medieval ghost town of San Severino di Centola, is completely deserted since the late nineteenth century. The charming village had strategic importance and was contested during the Middle Ages. Its fortifications, the castle and the walls now in ruins, dating back to the eleventh century, have been modified until the Aragonese period.

Borgo Medievale S.Severino di Centola, Salerno

Medieval ghost town of S.Severino di Centola


Teggiano has ancient Greek origin, and offers many points of interest. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore, built in the thirteenth century, with the most recent bell dating back to 900. It retains many sculptures of great value, including four tombs and the Ambone of Melchiorre da Montalbano, 1271.

The Church and the Convent of St. Francis, dating back to the Middle Ages, offer numerous frescoes representing the life of St. Francis, in addition to the perfectly preserved ceiling painted in watercolor.


In Roccagloriosa we can visit the Antiquarian, the museum housing various artifacts found in the surrounding archaeological sites. Many of these date back to the third century B.C., and are linked to the necropolis. Other finds testify later times until the Middle Ages, with vases and everyday objects, including a collection of jewelry. In the archaeological site we can see the remains of the Town of Leo, with walls and about twenty tombs.


The Baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonti, or Baptistery of Marcelliano, dates back to the fourth century, founded by Pope Marcellus I. It’s one of the oldest early Christian monuments in the region and played a central role in the evangelization of the population.


Certosa of San Lorenzo Padula

The Certosa of San Lorenzo or Certosa di Padula is one of the largest monasteries in Italy, home to the archaeological museum and the library. Its structure includes a church and three cloisters, and the beautiful surrounding garden. Its construction started at the beginning of 300 with later additions in the Baroque period that have greatly influenced the style.


Scario is a hamlet of San Giovanni in Salerno, the town center is its touristic marina from which you can take various excursions. Among the most beautiful places there is Punta degli Infreschi. Other areas are accessible only by boat and offer natural landscapes of rare beauty between caves, coves and fortifications.

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Marulivo Hotel enjoys a spectacular situation, located as it is in the town of Pisciotta, and therefore part of the...
Marulivo Hotel enjoys a spectacular situation, located as it is in the town of Pisciotta, and therefore part of the...
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