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The oldtime flavours and homemade dishes of Cilento

Fusilli alla cilentana

This pasta dish is really delicious, especially if made with fresh homemade pasta. The fusilli alla cilentana are prepared thanks to an iron around which you wrap the dough until you get a long fusillo that is empty in the center. Traditionally this is a Sunday dish and is perfect for all parties, usually seasoned with a rich meat sauce with mutton, veal and pork. After preparing a fry garlic, oil and hot peppers, and a long cooking with the sauce, you get a delicious sauce for the pasta and a succulent second dish of meat. The final touch is the grated cheese, strictly of goat.

Lagane and chickpeas

Lagane e ceci

The Lagane and chickpeas is a typical recipe of the Cilento, and more precisely of Castellabate. To find its origins we have to go back to ancient Greece when lagane, simple strips of dough with water and flour, were cooked on hot stones and then combined with chickpeas. This recipe has come down to us with its simplicity and goodness. By the time the recipe has changed and today people cook the chickpeas in boiling water were they add celery, onion, and bay leaf. Lagane are prepared by stretching the dough with a rolling pin and cutting the strips that look like the wide and coarse tagliatelle. Then they fry everything in a pan with olive oil and some tomatoes, Lagane and Ceci are ready to be served!

Pizza Fritta cilentana

The fried pizza of Cilento is a traditional dish with very ancient origins. In Campania, the fried pizza is very common but presents different variations depending on the area. Fried Pizza of Cilento is made with the same dough used for bread, then it is shaped as pizza that is cooked in oil. Once fried, the pizzas are served with a tomato sauce prepared with some onion and goat cheese. A simple and very tasty recipe!

Mbuttunate eggplants photo mangiodelmiomangio

Melanzane mbuttunate

The “mbuttunate” eggplants are a great “stuffed” eggplants dish. Eggplants are used in many recipes in Campania and other regions in the south of Italy. To prepare mbuttunate eggplants of Cilento, a thick mixture, made of eggs, bread, garlic and parsley, is added between 2 slices of eggplant. And everything is fried in plenty of oil. So the eggplants are ready to be seasoned with plenty of tomato sauce and cheese. A truly unique dish!

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