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Festivals and typical events in the province of Ragusa

In Ragusa Ibla, you will also have the opportunity to attend festivals and typical events in the province of Ragusa.

The Feast of St. George

The Feast of St. George, which takes place in Ragusa Ibla on the last Sunday of May, is a religious event highly felt by the locals. On Good Friday the simulacrum of St. George and the Holy Ark leave the Cathedral to reach the Church of Purgatory until reaching the Church of St. Thomas. The Saturday procession, on the other hand, takes the opposite route. The most awaited moment of this festival is the so-called “Ballad of the Saint”: the bearers of the saint raise it to the sky with outstretched arms, to the call of “All Trounu” to indicate that it is the patron saint of the city.

“A Tutto Volume” Festival – Libri in Festa, photo by ilviaggiatore-magazine

“A Tutto Volume” Festival Libri in Festa

In mid-June, in the city of Ragusa, one of the most important literary festivals takes place, attracting lovers of reading, art and good food. Let’s talk about the A tutto Volume- Libri in Festa Festival and, in the background, the beauties of the Sicilian Baroque of Ragusa..

Ibla Street Food

At the beginning of September, in the city of Ragusa Ibla, the Ibla Street Food is held with the aim of promoting the quality of local products and the surrounding area..

Scale del Gusto

In mid-October Ragusa Ibla hosts the “Scale del Gusto”, a characteristic event since it takes place on the staircase that connects Ragusa Superiore to Ibla. Tastings of typical products, shows, courses and discussion tables to frame the event.

Ibla Buskers, photo by ragusaoggi

Ibla Buskers

In early October Ragusa Ibla becomes the perfect baroque setting for an international gathering of street artists or Ibla Buskers: jugglers, fire-eaters, acrobats gather in the alleys and perform at all hours for a weekend not to miss!


ChocoModica is an event that takes place in the city of Modica in December in order to promote one of the city’s typical products, the chocolate of Modica. It is not devoid of cocoa butter, cocoa is present up to 90%, and is enriched with spices of all kinds.

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