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Festivals and events not to be missed in the Asti area

Choosing Charme Apartments Egodomus, situated in Monferrato, in the province of Asti, for your holidays, you can consider the idea of taking part in festivals and events not to be missed in the Asti area.

Riso e Rose, every Sunday in May

Every Sunday in May the town of Monferrato livens up with the event “Riso e Rose”, featuring a very rich entertainment programme. The program includes a walk that feels like an exploration of the nature surrounding the area, along with everything that serves as an ornament such as baroque palaces, castles, gardens, vineyards, rice fields and much more. Art, music, culture, events designed for family fun with children, floriculture, folklore, food and wine.

Riso e Rose, photo by radiogold

Gustadom June – Asti

La città di Asti nel mese di giugno è protagonista di una delle manifestazioni enogastronomiche di maggior rilievo ad Asti: il Guastadom ovvero una sorta di passeggiata gastronomica con il romantico sfondo di giardini curati, vicoli e scorci nelle vicinanze del Rione della Cattedrale. Piatti tipici della zona, uniti a pietanze senza glutine, sono la principale forza di questo evento.

Palio delle Botti June – Nizza Monferrato

Among the events to be recorded in the calendar if in June you are near Nizza Monferrato there is, without any doubt, the renowned Palio delle Botti. Ideal for wine lovers, the Palio delle Botti is a classic event of this town, but also of many others, and the highlight is the race that takes place. This competition involves the athletes, split into teams, trying to push the barrels of wine in order to qualify for the Palio Nazionale delle Botti delle Città del Vino.

Palio delle Botti June, photo by lavocediasti

Douja D’or September – Asti

Wine lovers will not miss the “Douja D’or“, a national wine competition that takes place in the town of Asti from early September until the first half of the month. The event, which has been taking place for 25 years, was created with the aim of promoting and valuing Italian wine production. Through this particular event the goal is to educate the consumer about good wine, suggesting the best choice in relation to his tastes and needs.

Truffle Fair, November – Murisengo

The truffle is one of the typical products of the Piedmont region, and a festival dedicated to this product could not be missed, so famous from the point of view of taste and organoleptic and nutritional properties. The Truffle Fair takes place in the municipality of Murisengo, called “land of truffles”, in the province of Alessandria from November 10 to November 17.

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