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Wonders of Aosta Valley

A pleasant sojourn at La Jolie Bergere, located near Planaval, in La Salle, in Aosta Valley (District of Aosta), will give you the opportunity to visit some of the most interesting places of the region.


Inhabited since the Bronze Age, the area of Sarre, located in the District of Aosta after the Romans conquered it and after the foundation of the today’s city of Aosta, it experienced a downfall. It is interesting remembering that after the defeat of Novara  Carlo Alberto, abdicating, became Count of Sarre.

Not by accident, the Castle of Sarre is undoubtedly the most important monument of the area. During the XIII Century, it was a simple watchtower. Then, between 1869 and 1972, the Castle of Sarre belonged to the Savoy. However, in 1989, it became  property of the State and today it is a quite important testimony of the Savoy’s presence in Valle d’Aosta.


Sarre Castle

San Pierre

San Pierre is located at 731 metres above sea level in the district of Aosta, and it had been one of the first settlements ever built in Aosta Valley. San Pierre, exposed in the sun and surrounded by large apple cultivations, offers a particular fairy-tale scenario, which is characterised by its stronghold that dominates the entire landscape. The Castle of San Pierre, dated back to 1191, today is the seat of the regional natural sciences museum.

The Castle of Sarriod de la Tour, the second castle located in San Pierre, is a magnificent example of the different architectonic styles ensued in this place throughout the centuries. Inside it, of great value is the wonderful hall of the heads. Also the Chapel of Vétan, dated back to the XV Century, and the Chapel of Rumiod, dated back to the XVI Century, should be visited.


Morgex Town Hall


A pleasant sojourn at La Jolie Bergere, located near Planaval in La Salle  in Aosta Valley (district of Aosta), will give you the chance of visiting Morgex. Called Moriacium in Roman times, Morgex, located in the District of Aosta, stands above a wide upland about one thousand metres above the sea level, and the cultivation of its renowned vineyards reaches 1,200 metres of altitude. Not by accident it is here that the famous D.O.C. wine Blanc de Morgex et La Salle is produced.

In the town centre of Morgex  stands the foursquare Tower de L’Archet, built between the X and the XI Century, which used to host the Savoy during the general hearings; today, it is the seat of the Natalino Sapegno Foundation, dedicated to the famous Italian erudite native of Aosta.

In its Parish Church, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, they have discovered some findings from the early Christian age. It has an interesting Romanesque belfry, some frescoes dated back to the Fifteenth century and to the Sixteenth century and a Baroque altar, besides a sacred arts museum. Worth of interest is the Blessed Vuillerme’s Fountain, a local saint who is said to have turned its water into wine.

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