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Visiting Aosta Valley, its mountains and castles

A cozy sojourn in Maison Perriere, and La Latteria, located in Aosta Valley, in Perriere (district of Aosta), will give you the chance to visit Torgnon, Chamios, and Chatillon.


Torgnon, located in Val d’Aosta  in the district of Aosta, counts 22 communities, located all over a territory between 800 metres and 3.320 metres above the sea level.

Some prehistoric settlements testimony that Torgnon had already been inhabited before the arrival of the Romans. The parish of this hamlet has been quoted, by  Pope Alexander III, in a papal bull dated back to the 20th of April 1176.

Of particular interest are the ruins of the Castle of Chavacour, a sixteenth-century house in Valleil and in Mongnod, which bears an inscription dated back to 1814 dedicated to the Sovereign of Sardinia.


Chamios, located in Val d’Aosta in the district of Aosta, offers, as location of interest, the Parrish Church entitled to San Pantaleone, a religious building rebuilt many times.

The current structure is dated back to 1838. Further north of Chamois, about 2.000 metres above the sea level, you can admire Lake Lod, which is within easy rich by chair lift. On the other hand, in the community of Suisse  there is what has been the first Italian altiport. Located at 2.535 metres above the sea level  on the Col Clavalité there is the Sanctuary of San Domenico Savio.


Baron Gamba Chatillon Castle


Most likely, this area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In 1252, the Challant family acquired the feud of Chatillon and they built two castles: the first, around the middle of the Thirteenth Century, while the second, in Ussel, was built in 1350. In 1901, a third castle was built, belonging to baron Gamba.

Thanks to the presence of iron mines, Chatillon began developing as an industrial hub, in XIV Century, reaching its peak four centuries later. Also the tradition in the textile and manufacturing industries is quite solid.

Beside the incredible castles and  several medieval towers, in Challant, the Chapel of our Lady of Grace, the Chapel of Saint Clair and the Church dedicated to the Saints Peter and  Paul are worth a visit.

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