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Wines, medieval contests and cycling routes in the province of Siena

Booking at the Palazzetto Rosso hotel or at Paradiso Numero 4, located in Siena, Tuscany, you can attend to wines, medieval contests and cycling routes in the province of Siena.


In January in Siena, the Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo Sansedoni host Wine & Siena, an exhibition of the most prestigious wines in Italy. There are about 250 carefully selected wine producers for this event  and  you can taste the best wines while admiring the city’s artworks. The purpose is to make known the artistic heritage together with the Italian wine production, of which Siena is a great representative.


In Spring in Siena, you can attend, or participate to Eroica. This event is for cycling lovers and it is a journey from Gaiole in Chianti to Montalcino and also Siena. The peculiarity of the race is that bicycles must be all made before the 80s, pratically they are vintage bikes. Thus the way is tough and hard to afford if we compare it to today’s bicycles, for this reason it’s called Eroica (Heroic). The event is open to everyone.

Strade Bianche, Siena photo Claudio Peri


In Spring in Siena  takes plase Strade Bianche (dirt roads). This is a competitive race in two dates, one for the male category and other for the female one. Every year there are more than 3,000 cyclists from all over the world who face a 130 km long journey of the Gran Fondo or 77 km of the Medio Fondo.


In July, in Monteriggioni, takes place the medieval event Monteriggioni di Torri si Corona, this year at the XXVI edition. It begins with a banquet in medieval dress, in the beautiful castle setting with a  special menu including antique dishes. It goes on the next days with the medieval festival that see flag throwers, knights, musicians and ladies to cheer the alleys of the medieval village.

Palio di Siena


On July 2nd and August 16, there is the Palio di Siena. This medieval contest runs every year with great interest of the city. The city of Siena is divided into 17 Contrade (districts), except Piazza del Campo, which does not belong to any.  10 Contrade are raffled to enter the thrilling race with their jockeys and horses leading protagonists. The path is the perimeter of Piazza del Campo, the order of the horses to the starting line is decided by a draw and the last horse have to decide the start (la mossa). Wins the Palio the Contrada that pass the finish line for first with his horse (even without jockey).


In October, in Montalcino, you can attend the Festival of the thrush. This is an archery contest with the four districts of Montalcino that challenge each other: Borghetto, Pianello, Ruga and Travaglio. The race is opened by a beautiful historical parade and the flag throwers that meet in Piazza del Popolo for the draw that combines the archers to the districts, and goes on at the shooting field nearby the walls of the beautiful castle.

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