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The rustic recipes of Tuscan gastronomic tradition, in the province of Siena

Booking at the Palazzetto Rosso Hotel or at Paradiso Numero 4, located in Siena, Tuscany, you will enjoy the rustic recipes of Tuscan gastronomic tradition, in the province of Siena.


Panzanella is a cold salad, perfect for summer days. It is a simple recipe with poor origins, when farmers used to wet the stale bread and taste it with the available vegetables. The main ingredients are stale Tuscan bread, onion, cucumber and tomato. Then they wet and mix the crumbled bread. The salad is kept in fridge and seasoned with oil and vinegar. Today there are many richer varieties including eggs, tuna, ham and cheese.



The Ossobuco alla fiorentina is a very tasty dish. It is prepared with a good floured marrow bone veal, it is placed on a bed of onion, olive oil, laurel and sage. Once browned, the marrow bone is wet with white wine, and then added to the broth and tomato sauce. Finally it is baked until a thick dense sauce is formed.

Trippa alla Senese

The Trippa alla Senese is a rustic meat dish of poor origins. The tripe is cooked with a crunch of celery, carrots and onions. The cooking continues with the addition of white wine and the tomato sauce. The Trippa alla Senese is characterized by the addition of peeled and crushed sausages and generous amount of Crete Senesi pecorino cheese that enrich the recipe. In Florence, too, it is used to prepare the tripe, but with a lighter recipe with tomato sauce and vegetables.

Cavallucci, photo mangiarebuono


The Cavallucci are typical Tuscan desserts. They are very simple biscuits and they are called Cavallucci (little horses) because they were used in the inns where the travelers used to ride on horseback or carriages. They are made with water, sugar, flour, honey, candied fruit and nuts, have an irregular shape and traditionally they are dipped in the Vin santo.

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