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Festivals, parties, events and feasts to attend during a trip to Maremma

While staying at the Agriturismo Sant’Egle, located in Soranoin Maremma in Tuscany, you can take parto to festivals, parties, events and feasts to attend during a trip to Maremma.

Torciata di San Giuseppe March – Pitigliano

In the period of March the town of Pitigliano dresses up with a celebration that originates in the pre-Christian tradition that is the Torciata di San Giuseppe. It is a rite that wants to wish, through fire, that the harvest for the new year is plentiful and thriving. It was in the Middle Ages that the rite was associated with the day on which St. Joseph is celebrated, and it is since then that this celebration falls on this day.

Torciata di San Giuseppe, photo by centritalianews

Cantine aperte May – Pitigliano

Wine lovers should not miss a visit to Pitigliano during the period of May, because here is celebrated an event called “Cantine Aperte” (Open Cellars). An unmissable event for all those interested in discovering the Italian winemaking tradition, not to mention that it is one of the most important events in the wine tourism field.

Infiorata May/June – Pitigliano

During Corpus Christi, the streets of Pitigliano are dyed with colour, thanks to beautiful carpets of flowers laid on the ground to form a pattern for a truly spectacular and evocative result. Many volunteers also work in the days prior to the event to draw on the ground the sketch of the drawing, and then fill it with colorful flowers and even with the leaves. A really cheerful and evocative atmosphere for this wonderful Tuscan village!

Infiorata, Pitigliano

Festa del contadino August – Pitigliano

All the villages of the Tuscan Maremma share a deep-rooted rural tradition, including the village of Pitigliano, which in August celebrates the Festa del Contadino (Feast of the Peasant). Not to be missed if you are nearby! You can attend musical performances and traditional dances, games of rural tradition. Do not miss the usual parade of tractors, along with the exhibition of agricultural equipment both modern and ancient.

Festa della Contea August – Pitigliano

A glimpse of the Renaissance period with the Festa della Contea (county festival), held in August in the Tuscan village of Pitigliano.  Do not miss the Mensa del Conte, which offers the opportunity to taste typical local recipes such as bread, pork, meats, cheeses, wine, beer, cakes and hippocrass. Also worth seeing is the traditional Mercato della Contea (County Market) with exhibitions of local crafts, ancient crafts, culture and art. Dancers, acrobats, jugglers and characters with the costumes of the time animate the atmosphere.

Le cantinelle September – Pitigliano

Those who love wine, by choosing the village of Pitigliano, will be immersed in a place where the nectar of the gods is the ruler. It is no coincidence that in September we celebrate the Wine Festival or “Le Cantinelle”, to celebrate the grape harvest.

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