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Wine and medieval events at Orte and surroundings

During your stay at Tenuta di Santa Lucia, situated in Soriano nel Cimino, in Viterbo district, in Lazio, you can take part to wine and medieval events at Orte and surroundings.


In the first weekend of August in Vitorchiano, the SAGRA DEL CAVATELLO (Cavatello Pasta Festival) pays homage to this delicious first course. The cavatello is a type of fresh pasta typical of this area and can be enjoyed while expertly prepared at this festival held every year in Umberto I Square, along with many other food products and wines of the region.


In early September, the OTTAVA MEDIEVALE takes place in Orte. This historic event, also known as the Ottava of Sant’Egidio, features a competition between the seven town districts that compete in different races. The cooking competition: each district has a tavern ready to serve their delicious dishes. The drum race, to clinch the silver chopsticks. Finally the archers race, which is the most important one, in which the participants face each other off for shoot arrows through rings, and to get the win the coveted silver ring that will be attached to the banner of their own district.


Ottava Medievale


Soriano in October holds the GIOSTRA DEGLI ANELLI E SAGRA DELLA CASTAGNA (Joust of the Rings and Chestnut Festival). The chestnut festival is an opportunity for a historical rehersal of an even dating back to the fifteenth century when Soriano had to defend its castle from an attack by the hands of the Lord of Vignanello. The victory came after a bloody battle at the Ditch of Buonicontro, still stage of the representation. For the occasion, the Joust of the Rings hosts archers engaged in the renowned Palio, and divided into four districts.


Viterbo in early September celebrates Santa Rosa, patron saint of the city. Its huge canopy consists of a magnificent tower about 30 meters high, completely decorated with lights, topped with a statue of the saint. The carriers of Santa Rosa carry the canopy throughout the city, remembering when, in 1258 they had carried the remains of the saint from the Church of the Crocetta to the Sanctuary of Santa Rosa. The heartfelt participation of the crowd is always very exciting and unchanged after hundreds of years.

giostra degli anelli

Giostra degli anelli foto radiogiornale


Penna in Taverina, between the end of September and beginning of October is stage to the FESTA DELLA VENDEMMIA (HARVEST FESTIVAL). Now in its thirty-seventh edition, this festival commemorates the tradition of the harvest that is rooted in peasent’s tradition, when with the end of summer came also the time to reap the rewards of their work and therefore celebrated together. Today musical shows and folk groups enrich the event by adding  further joy.


Orte in late November  hosts the event ORTE IN CANTINA  (Orte in the wineries) which offers a gastronomic journey through the streets of the historic town centre Accompanied by a guide, you will walk through nine stages and as many wine cellars, where you will have the opportunity to taste the matching wines and food for a complete meal, from aperitif to dessert. There will also be the possibility to taste olive oil and see its preparation in real time, done with an olive press.

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