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Mantua and the Gonzagas’ marvels

Mantua, through which the Mincio River runs and surrounded by three artificial lakes created in the 12th century, is a famous place located in Lombardy, and it is well-known due to its artistic and cultural heritage.

Under the Gonzagas’ rule it was one of the most important courts in the Renaissance. In 2005  Legambiente awarded Mantua as the most liveable city of Italy for its quality of life. Then in 2008  UNESCO awarded it as World Heritage Site  for its many qualities.


Mantua view from Mincio

Mantua is a splendid city of the Renaissance, where visitors can enjoy the calmness of its lakes or a walk or a bike ride along the bank of the Mincio River. These feelings can be experienced thanks to a sojourn at Agriturismo Corte Rocca, located in Lombardy  in San Giorgio di Mantua – near Villanova de Bellis, right in the district of Mantua.

It is an incredible town, where ancient art and history are constantly connected with modernity in harmony. Therefore  Mantua allows all its visitors to experience unique emotions. Located centrally in the Po Valley, its first settlements are dated back to the Etruscan Age.

Palazzo Ducale di Mantova

Ducal Palace

Mantua saw its golden age while under the Gonzagas’ rule: four centuries during which artists like RubensAndrea Mantegna, just to mention few of them, created astonishing works, and today it is still possible to admire their splendour. All  this made Mantua become a wonderful town.

Among the many examples of religious architecture that embellish the city, the Cathedral of St. Peter, with its unique Romanesque style and Gothic additions, certainly stands out. The Rotonda di San Lorenzo, built in the 11th century, is  the most ancient church in Mantua. Another great example of architectonical magnificence is the Ducal Palace, a complex made of different buildings, connected by galleries and hallways, the courtyards and gardens of which make it even more precious.


Mantua Duomo

Among the multiple wonderful ancient palaces, greatly preserved, there are the Tea Palace, the Regional Palace  and   San Sebastiano Palace. Another must-see is certainly the Mantegnas’ House and the Rigolettos’ House, just a part of the many wonders that can be enjoyed staying at theAgriturismo Corte Rocca, located in Lombardy  in San Giorgio di Mantua – near Villanova de Bellis (district of Mantua).

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