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Festivals and Events typical of the Palermitan tradition

While enjoying your stay at the B&B Atmosfere Puniche, in Palermo, you can attend festivals and Events typical of the Palermitan tradition.

Festa del Bambino Gesù

In January the city of Palermo celebrates the Bambino Gesù della Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli “La Gancia”, to whom the people of Palermo are strongly bound because of the miraculous past of the image present in this church.

Sagra della Sfincia

In January in the city of Montelepre takes place the Sagra della Sfincia, a typical dessert of the Sicilian culinary tradition made with water, flour, sugar, cinnamon and honey.


In Piana degli Albanesi, a town in the province of Palermo, in February every year the traditional Carnival party takes place, which the inhabitants also call “Kalivari Ju Miuat”. It is one of the most characteristic secular festivals in Sicily, with a parade of floats and processions of masked groups to color and animate the town.

Spring Festival, Palermo photo by parcoauditore

Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is generally held in April in the city of Palermo, and is an opportunity to raise funds for the management and conduct of improvements to the Parco Uditore that hosts the event. It is an opportunity that wants to celebrate the spring, but also health since there are many free sports activities promoted. Street workouts, outdoor activities with personal trainers and instructors for a day of fun, wellness and being together!

Feast of St. Joseph

St. Joseph is the patron saint of the city of Bagheria, in the province of Palermo, and the devotion to the saint is so felt that the feast of St. Joseph is dedicated to him and takes place every year on March 19. The effigy of the saint is carried through the streets of the city and the most characteristic moment of the festival is the lighting of the legs, which consist of a bonfire made with any wooden object you have at your disposal: old furniture, wooden boxes and chairs. This custom refers to an ancient peasant rite that consisted in purifying the fields by lighting fires with the residues of the previous year’s harvest.

Festino di Santa Rosalia, Palermo photo by ctsnotizie

Festino di Santa Rosalia

Santa Rosalia is the patron saint of the city of Palermo, which the people of Palermo celebrate every year in July, from 10 to 15 July, on the occasion of the celebration of Santa Rosalia. It is one of the religious events most felt by Palermo that embodies devotion, folklore and tradition for a unique show to be seen at least once in a lifetime. The most important moment of the active festival during the evening of July 14 when to be taken around the streets of Palermo is not the saint, but a symbolic representation every year entrusted to a different artist. Accompanying all cultural events, you can find street food and local products, shows and fireworks.

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