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Burning of the castle, typical festivals and carresi among the folk festivals of Molise

Visiting Molise by staying at the rural residence Essentia, in the countryside of Larino, will give you the opportunity to discover burning of the castle, typical festivals and carresi among the folk festivals of Molise.

Carresi of Lower Molise

To celebrate the arrival of spring and therefore a new life cycle, starting in April in various cities in lower Molise there are the carresi, i.e. chariot races that are richly decorated with paper flowers and are towed by horses or oxen that compete along the city streets.

The most famous is the Larino one, since it is the oldest carrese of Molise.

This festival dates back to 842, when the inhabitants obtained the relics of San Pardo, to whom this tradition is dedicated.

Unlike the others, the larinesi chariots are pulled exclusively by oxen and proceed at a walking pace, without any competition.

Larinese Carnival, photo by ilgiornaledelmolise

Larinese Carnival

Another important festival held in Larino is the Carnival.

The Carnival of Larino stands out for its giant papier-mâché floats that are accompanied by a masked parade of professional dancers who put in place amazing choreographies.

The festivities end with the awards ceremony for the carts, the best dance ensemble and the most beautiful masks.

Burning of the castle in Termoli

An important event that takes place in Termoli on August 15th is the burning of the castle: in this way the city relives one of the most important episodes of its history.

The city is covered in coloured lights while amazing fireworks ignite the sky of Termoli above the Swabian Castle.

This ceremony wants to remember the event of 1566, when the Old Town was attacked by Ottoman soldiers who besieged and set fire to the castle and only thanks to the resistance of the citizens, it was possible to avoid the destruction of the city.

Burning of the castle in Termoli, photo by il giornaledelmolise

Guardialfiera truffle festival

Every year in August in Guardialfiera you can participate in the truffle festival. Typical product of the region, it is masterfully celebrated thanks to this festival through the creation of a tasting menu, as well as the opportunity to purchase truffles and truffle-based products at the stands.

Larino wild boar festival

Also in Larino there is a festival that attracts many people every year: the festival of wild boar. The city centre comes alive with various stalls and stands where you can taste a variety of dishes based on wild boar.

Termoli fish festival

Not just meat, in Termoli in August you can take part in the fish festival held at the port, where long tables are arranged where you can sit and enjoy the excellent fried fish with a good mug of beer until late at night.

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