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The traditional dishes of Treviso and surroundings

During your wonderful holiday at Roncade, in Treviso district, in Veneto, you can taste The traditional dishes of Treviso and surroundings, and all the typical recipes of this wonderful region.

Conchiglie con la trevigiana

The Conchiglie with trevigiana are a typical first course of the Veneto region. While the conchiglie are a particular type of pasta, the trevigiana is Red Radicchio from Treviso, a particular purplish red vegetable with a slightly bitter taste. This type of chicory is very abundant in Veneto, certified with the IGP mark, is rich in mineral salts and antioxidant, and it’s the main ingredient of many traditional recipes. The most precious variety of the trevigiana is the belated one, with big and crispy leaves. To prepare this first course of pasta with trevigiana, the leaves are sliced in this stripes, lightly fried in a pan with oil, oregano, chilli, and when the vegetable is ready the conchiglie are added. Even if the preparation is simple and quick, this recipe is really tasty and light!

Aringhe marinate con cipolle

The Marinated herrings with onion are a great appetizer, or they can be served with polenta. To get the right taste and consistence, the dish have to be prepared at least a day before. The dried and salty herrings are boiled with milk for a few minutes. The milk helps them to get soft and to eliminate the salty flavor of the fish. In the meantime, the onion is cooked in a pan with olive oil, without letting it fry, then faded with white wine. Lastly, the herrings are cleaned and put in glass jars in layers alternated with the onion. The whole thing is seasoned with olive oil and served the next day.

Fegato alla veneziana

The Lifer alla veneziana, also called Liver alla Veneta, and Figà àea Venessiana in the local dialect, is a recipe as ancient as simple. The recipe probablu originates from Venezia, but it’s known throughout all Veneto. The main ingredients of this dish are Liver and onions. Traditionally the liver is from a pig, but today the most common is the calf liver, that has a delicate taste. The onion must be the white one from Chioggia, because it’s very sweet and it compensates the bitter taste of the liver. The onion is sliced in thin slices and lightly fried with butter and olive oil, them some water is added and everything gets slowly-cooked for about 20 minutes. Then the liver is added sliced in stripes and cooks for every few minutes. The dish is best served hot, accompanied with polenta or toasted polenta.

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