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The Medieval villages of Tuscany, between the districts of Siena and Pisa

During your stay near the ancient town of Volterra, in the district of Pisa, in Tuscany, you can visit the Medieval villages of Tuscany, between the districts of Siena and Pisa.


The town of Volterra is characterized by the old town center of Etruscan origin with the Walls still in excellent condition that outline the boundaries of the ancient village.

The Medici fortress, built on the highest point of the town, consists of two buildings. The Old Fortress, also called Cassero, was built in 1342 by the Duke Gualtieri, and New Fortress, also called Mastio, built a century later by Lorenzo the Magnificent. Between the two buildings, a long wall serves as a connection and inside there was a real separate town.

Medici Fortress, Volterra

Guarnacci museum is named after the priest who in the 18th century promoted the archaeological excavations that brought to light most of the Etruscan works of art present at the museum today. Excavations continued even after his death and today we can see a gallery of Etruscan objects among the richest in Italy, made of 28 rooms.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, or Cathedral of Volterra, is also a minor basilica since 1957. Among the oldest works it includes the sculptural group of the Deposition, dating back to 1228. The touching scene of the Deposition of Christ by the Virgin and St. John is made entirely in wood.


San Gimignano is a small town in the district of Siena, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, for the excellent preservation of its medieval Old Town Center. It’s called Town of Towers because had 72 towers, now reduced to 16. The oldest is Rognosa tower, while the highest is the Torre Grossa which is 54 meters high.

San Gimignano

Right at the foot of the Torre Grossa there’s Piazza Duomo and the adjacent Piazza della Cisterna, the heart of social and politic life of the town.


Certaldo is a small town in the district of Florence. Its origins are Etruscan, but had the greatest development in the Middle Ages, when it was given to the Republic of Florence. We can visit the Praetorian Palace, built in the twelfth century and modified several times until the sixteenth century, it was the seat of the vicariate and housed the prisons. Today the castle houses exhibitions of contemporary art. Among the most important there are the Chamber of Judgments and the Knight’s Room.

Praetorian Palace, Certaldo

Boccaccio, whose family was born precisely in Certaldo, spent here the last years of his life. In the street that is now dedicated to him we can visit the Museum House of Boccaccio. Here are collected documents and illustrations to remember the life of the poet, you can also go to the library and the large tower that characterizes the building.


Monteriggioni is a beautiful medieval village in the district of Siena. Placed in the path of the Via Francigena, welcomes its visitors with Piazza Roma, the Church of San Lorenzo and the hermitage of San Leonardo.


In Colle Val d’Elsa, near Siena, we can visit many holy places, including the Abbey of Santa Maria Assunta, the church of Sant’Agostino and the Crypt of Mercy.

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