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The fascinating historical rides and reenactments of the district of Arezzo


In May, in Lucignano, there’s the Maggiolata, a beautiful flower festival. For the occasion, there are magnificent allegorical wagons made of colorful leaves and flowers. The wagons go through the streets of the old town, even the themed ones with balconies and window sills full of colorful flowers, this way Lucignano and all visitors greet the arrival of spring.


In June, in Arezzo, there’s the Ride of the Saracino which attracts thousands of fans of medieval history every year. The game sees the historic districts of Arezzo challenging against each other: Porta Crucifera, Porta del Foro, Porta Sant’Andrea, Porta Santo Spirito. Each rider must strike the target with his spear, without being hit by the puppet. There are also hundreds of actors who take part in the show as ladies, knights etc.

Ride of the Saracino, Arezzo


In June, in Cortona, there’s the Ride of the Archidado. This medieval game is a shooting competition with the crossbow. The target is made up of a dice divided into six sectors with as many symbols that give different scores. There are two crossbowmen in each of the five historic districts of Cortona.


In July, in Foiano della Chiana, there’s the reenactment of the Battle of Scannagallo. In 1554 the French – Siena armies faced the Spanish Medicean peoples for territorial control. The defeat of the Republic of Siena, in favor of Florence, marked its decline. The reenactment begins with the assault of the Castle of Marciano and continues to represent the whole battle thanks to the work of twelve renaissance companies coming from all over Italy.

Battle of Scannagallo, Foiano della Chiana photo arezzonotizie


In late July, in Laterina, there’s the Medieval Festival. During three days of festivities you will see medieval markets, craftsmen who bring old jobs back to life, jugglers, jesters, musicians and street artists. There will be many vintage costumes that will bring you back in the Middle Ages. The restaurants will offer the typical Tuscan dishes, handmade beers and local wines.


In September, in Monte Sopra Rondine, you can take part in the Old Pan Festival. For over forty years, this festival has brought together the best of Arezzo and Tuscany’s cuisine. You can enjoy rustic dishes, many of which are made of meat, such as tripe, sausage, frogs, duck, wild boar. There will be wines to match each dish.


In September in Sansepolcro, there’s the Palio of the Crossbow. Dozens of crossbowmen representing several Tuscan towns are challenging in target shooting. The palio, in Piazza Torre di Berta, is accompanied by a medieval historical procession in costume, music, games and flag weavers.

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