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The buildings and churches of the medieval villages, between Toscana and Liguria

During your stay in La Luna di Quarazzana, situated in Fivizzano, or in the Villa Norma located in Licciana Nardi, in Toscana, you can visit the buildings and churches of the medieval villages, between Toscana and Liguria.


From this part of Tuscany is easy to take routes to the Cinque Terre, which extend on the Ligurian coast and consist of 5 municipalities. The beauty of the coastal landscape and the wealth of medieval villages make it one of the places considered UNESCO World Heritage.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre


Fivizzano is situated in a beautiful area between the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Natural Park of the Apuan Alps.

With the same fate of Florence, Fivizzano is a Town of the Medici, with buildings and landmarks that still bear the imprint of the Florentine family. This is attested by the Medici Square with the fountain commissioned by Cosimo III de’ Medici in 1683.

Piazza Medicea, Fivizzano photo comunefivizzano

The Palazzo Cojari, which today is the town hall, is located right on the square, and is the result of the union of three different buildings. The renaissance style is due to the first restoration in the 600 and its current name comes from Cojari family who undertook other changes including the construction of the balcony in the 700.

Fantoni Palace, built in 1677, houses the Museum of Printing, entitled to the Bonomi brothers, while upstairs offers some beautiful aristocratic apartments with frescoed ceilings.


Moving to Verrucola, fraction of Fivizzano, we find the Fortress of Verrucola. It was built in the twelfth century and consists of several buildings added later, as the towers, the walls, the chapel and the court, very well preserved. The fortress still retains all its medieval charm.

Fortress of Verrucola, Verrucola


In Gragnola, fraction of Fivizzano, there’s the Castle of the Eagle, dating back to 1366. Located on a hill, it was born as an ancient feud which was very important for the trade with Rome. Restored in 2004, today the castle is open to visitors and is home to the tomb of a knight dead in battle in 1300, still under investigation.


Porto Venere, in Liguria, is known for the beauty of its coast, such as the volcanic cave on the island of Palmaria. The medieval village it is still accessed through the ancient gate, and the surrounding walls reach up to the Doria Castle. The castle was built in 1661 by the Republic of Genova, on a rocky hill.

Doria Castle, Porto Venere


In Lerici, overlooking the Ligurian coast, we have different points of interest. The church of St Francis of Assisi and sanctuary of Our Lady of Maralunga dates back to the thirteenth century and was later enlarged during the seventeenth century. The facade is the most modern part, built in 1962.

The church houses several valuable works, such as the paintings representing St. John the Baptist, St. Jerome and the Virgin. Above the choir there is a beautiful statue of St. Francis made of Carrara marble, dating back to late eighteenth century.


In Sarzana we can visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, completed at the end of the fifteenth century, it houses the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament with marble tabernacle and the relic of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

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La Luna di Quarazzana is situated 8 km away from Fivizzano, an historic town set amidst chestnut and beech woods wh...
La Luna di Quarazzana is situated 8 km away from Fivizzano, an historic town set amidst chestnut and beech woods wh...
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