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The fantastic festivals and celebrations of the Aosta Valley

For all those who want to spend a weekend or even a holiday of several days of relaxation, beautiful landscapes, snow and parties and fun events, there is nothing better than to visit the structure called “La Latteria“.

It is a very welcoming hotel located in Valle d’Aosta, precisely in the province of Aosta, just next to the small village of Torgnon. From this structure it is possible to visit several Apulian villages located in the surroundings, but in reality it is also possible to participate in the numerous village festivals or events that are organized in the nearby cities.

By staying at the facility “La Latteria” you will have the chance to enjoy the fantastic festivals and celebrations of the Aosta Valley.

Fiera di Sant’orsola, photo by andareingiro

Battaglia della regina, Fiera di Sant’Orsola, Festa del Lardo

The events organized in the villages within easy reach of the fantastic structure “La Latteria” are many. These are mainly festivals, parties or special events, such as the one called “Battaglia della regina”. It is an event in which exemplary cows from Valle d’Aosta fight and the spectators watch the event. It takes place every Sunday from March to October in Aosta. The Fiera di Sant’Orsola, on the other hand, stages food, dancing, singing and music for absolute fun, which can be enjoyed in January in Aosta.

The Festa del Lardo (Lard Festival) is famous for its typical Valdostan product and is a kind of festival of this dish, which takes place in August in Arnad.

Desarpa, photo by aostasera

Typical festivals: Summer Fair, La Desarpa, Percorso dei Giganti, Festa delle mele

Famous in Valle d’Aosta is the so-called “Summer Fair”, which takes place in Aosta in August, or the Desarpa, which is a festival that celebrates the transhumance of the cattle. The Percorso dei Giganti is an event based on trekking and divided into 7 different stages. Also very important is the Festa delle mele, which celebrates this typical fruit of the Aosta Valley. From here, in fact, are sorted the production of apples to be distributed then throughout Italy. The Festa delle Mele takes place in October in Antey, which is a small village in the Aosta Valley. However, the apples remain a symbol of the whole region.

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