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Agnolotti del plin

The Agnolotti del plin are definitely one of the most famous typical specialties of the Piemonte. Their original name comes from the gesture, a pinch, which is traditionally used to enclose their filling.

To cook the agnolotti del plin a few minutes in boiling water are enough. Once drained, you can dress them with the usual butter and sage, or you can as well dress them with the sauce that was used for the preparation of the roast, which they were filled with.

Unlike the traditional ones, the agnolotti del plin appear to be of smaller size. This is a dish that is very popular both in the Monferrato and in the Astigiano, but also in the Langhe.

Brasato al Barolo

In the wide range of food and wine tradition of Piemonte, a dish that can enhance the flavors of this generous land is certainly the well-known Braised al Barolo, roasted meat cooked with Barolo, fully considered, “the king of wines, the wine of Kings“.

Classically in the Braised al Barolo, it is used the meat of the most typical Piemontese breed, the fassone breed, which is bred according to the strictest disciplines. The roast of vena, acquired from the fourth anterior, or even the priest’s hat are the cuts that are preferably used for the preparation of this delicious dish.

In a divine way, this amazing dish, is therefore to be ennobled by the presence of the Barolo, a wine that can enhance its inimitable characteristics. Spices, vegetables and also herbs, become a real explosion of flavors, while the meat acquires more tenderness from the long cooking. Traditionally to enhance even more the flavors it is left, at ambient temperature, to marinate even for half a day after which it is cooked.


Risotto al Barolo foto unacenaconenrica

Risotto al Barolo

Another example of a perfect blend of the puissance of the Piemontese cuisine is given by the amazing risotto al Barolo, the famous wine flagship of the vast wine tradition of the region.

The historical flavor of this dish was so great that it could satisfy, as reminded by a famous legend, also a character of the caliber and importance as of Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, one of his most famous admirers.

The magic of this popular and also delicious dish belonging to the tradition of the Piemonte, is the knowledge of how to properly combine rice and Barolo. By tradition it is usual to flavor the rice with the noble wine using wisely a ladle of Barolo and one of broth, until the rice will have absorbed the essence of the flavors.

Bollito misto

Although a defined official recipe doesn’t exist, behind the preparation of the tasty mixed boiled alla Piemontese there is is the wise choice of meat to be used as well as the proper respect of the various times that are necessary for their cooking.

Not for nothing, there are seven types of meat, all of which come from an adult cattle in the preparation of the mixed boiled alla Piemontese, specifically point with his bow and rolata, as well as culatta and roast of vein, but also scaramella, shin and tenerone.

Bollito misto

Bollito misto foto 2night

Salame Cotto

Cooked salami is one of the most famous specialties of Piemonte that is linked to the traditions of the rural world. Born in the countryside, the salami was once the most convenient way to store and then enjoy all the cuts of pork that were less valuable. Nowadays in the preparation of the dish are also used valuable parts that are to be clumsily minced.While remaining a plate of modest origins, it is a very greedy way to taste the meat of the pig. For its preparation, after being bagged and tied it has to be long-cooked.Once ready, you cut some thick slices, and in this way you will rediscover the flavors of an ancient tradition, tasting a good meat, a taste that is also accentuated by a clever play of flavors and spices. 

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