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Rice, freshwater fish and cheap cuts meat among the traditional recipes of Piedmont

A relaxing holiday at Paola’S, or even at I Carcionilocated in Belgirate, in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, in Piedmont, will allow you to taste rice, freshwater fish and cheap cuts meat among the traditional recipes of Piedmont.

Risotto with perch

Risotto with perch is a traditional Piedmont recipe. The recipe was born from the encounter of two basic ingredients of the cuisine of this region: rice and freshwater fish. To prepare an excellent risotto they use Carnaroli rice, one of the most precious and cultivated varieties in Piedmont. Perch fish has a very valuable meat and is traditionally caught in the lakes of northern Italy, including Lake Maggiore. This delicious recipe involves the preparation of a fish broth using also the bones and the heads. Then the fillet is cooked together with a vegetable sauce and then combined with rice.

Risotto with perch, photo lacucinaitaliana

Piedmontese mixed fried

The Piedmontese mixed fried is a rich and tasty traditional recipe. It is a recipe of ancient origins and requires the use of leftovers after slaughter of pigs, lambs and calves. They used to combine the dish with pieces of fruit or vegetables. Today, a simple and poor recipe is enriched with many ingredients and includes the frying of liver, brains, lung, sausage, veal slices, sweet semolina and chocolate semolina. In addition amaretti biscuits and apples are added along with other seasonal vegetables, most of all the carrots already provided in the oldest recipe.


The Tapulone, or Tapolòn, is a dish from Borgomanero, in the province of Novara. Today the recipe provides donkey, horse or beef meat. The meat is chopped and cooked together with garlic, butter, rosemary and parsley. The tapulone is very good with excellent polenta or mashed potatoes side dishes. In the past, the only available meat was the donkey, when the old donkey was slaughtered, which was no longer needed for work in the fields or for transport. So the meat had to be smashed and cooked for a long time to be eaten.

Tapulone, photo leonardodavinci

Piedmontese Panissa

La panissa o paniscia piemontese  is a  farmer tradition dish from the province of Vercelli. In old times it was made with mile, replaced with rice in the 16th century. Today they prepare the recipe with Arborio or Carnaroli rice, Saluggia beans or borlotti beans, vegetables and doja salami  (typical Piedmont sausage). The rice is cooked in meat broth and wet with red wine such as the Barbera di Monferrato.

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