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Fine meats, agnolotti and hazelnuts in traditional Piedmont cuisine.

Staying at Relais Montemarino, located in Borgomale, in the province of Cuneo, in the Langhe in Piedmont, means discovering the typical dishes of Piedmont’s gastronomic tradition.

Battuta di fassona al coltello

The battuta di fassona al coltello is a starter of the Piedmontese tradition. It is prepared with raw fassona beef, a typical Piedmont beef with very valuable meat, as the cow is bred in natural conditions and fed traditionally with hay and cereal. The recipe is very simple and delicate. The raw meat is cut thin with a very sharp knife, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Battuta al Coltello,

Agnolotti del Plin

The agnolotti del plin is a small size stuffed pasta. In Piedmont, traditionally, they used to cook them for Christmas lunch, now agnolotti are available all year round. The origin of the recipe is to be found in the Langhe and Monferrato, with a filling of cooked meat or vegetables, often leftovers by previous meals especially in the poorest families. So there are many variants of this recipe, among the most common you can find stuffed agnolotti with spinach and parmesan or cottage cheese, mixed meats and beets. The meat was usually the one made of roasted, and the remaining sauce was used to season the pasta. The pasta, originally made only of water and flour, has over time enriched with eggs. It is worked thin and then folded to create a small bundle to close with your fingers. Just this gesture of “pinching” the pasta with fingers gives rise to the name, as “plin”, in Piedmont means pinch.

Tajarin with Bra sausage

The Tajarin is a first pasta dish. The sauce is prepared with Bra sausage, a traditional Piedmontese salami. This sausage is consumed fresh without seasoning and is prepared with a mixture of lean meats of bovine combined with pork bacon. Once the sauce is prepared, they makes tajarin, a noodle-like fresh pasta, but prepared with several eggs, especially yolks. The recipe originated in the 15th century and, as you can see the delicious ingredients, was prepared on the most important occasions.

Tajarin with Bra Sausage,

Torta alla nocciola (Hazelnut cake)

The Hazelnut Cake is a traditional Piemontese cake originally from the Langhe. In this area, from 1800 began spreading the cultivation of the hazelnut to become one of the excellence of this territory. In fact today the hazelnuts of Piedmont are among the best in the world. The cake was traditionally prepared in the autumn to exploit the remains of hazelnut production. The variants are so many and different from province to province. For example you can enjoy a cake with classic wheat flour or made exclusively with hazelnut flour.

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