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The egg pasta and the delicious meat of Piemonte

During your stay Borgo Vecchio situated in Neive, in the Langhe, in the district of Cuneo, in Piemonte, you can taste the egg pasta and the delicious meat of Piemonte.


 The tajarin, also called taglierini, is a kind of fresh egg pasta. They’re similar to tagliatelle, but much thinner, prepared with a mixture of flour and egg yolk. The traditional recipes include succulent sauces such as roast sauces for important occasions, or an offal sauce made with chicken livers, rooster crests, hearts and kidneys. A more refined version includes the seasoning with grated truffle.

The tajarin spread throughout Piemonte around the fifteenth century, but are a typical pasta of the Langhe and Monferrato. It was prepared in the farms for the holidays using just the yolk in the dough, a precious ingredient in the past which makes us understand its importance on special occasions.

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Ravioli del Plin

The ravioli del plin or agnolotti del plin, are a main course of pasta from Langhe, Monferrato and Roero. The ravioli dough is prepared with flour and eggs while the filling is made with various ingredients including meat and vegetables. But what characterizes the ravioli is its small and square shape. Their name derives from the procedure, in particular from the gesture made to close the raviolo, plin in fact means “pinch” in the local dialect.

It seems that in the past they were consumed without any condiment, or in broth. Later they added condiments such as the sauce of the roasted meat used for the filling.

Carne Cruda alla piemontese

The raw meat of Piemonte is prepared with excellent beef. Traditionally, the meat should be finely cut with a sharp knife, seasoned with lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and flavored with salt and pepper. Among the most popular variants we have the truffle and mushroom ones, both ingredients with a delicate taste, perfect with meat.

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Vitello Tonnato

The veal with tuna sauce, or vitel tonnè in their dialect, is perhaps one of the most famous recipes of this region. The veal meat, marinated and then boiled in the pot, is cut into thin slices and covered with tuna sauce. The sauce is prepared with capers, tuna, broth and eggs. This rich dish was served on Christmas or during Sunday’s lunch and was a unique dish. Over the years, it has been served as an appetizer.


Another cooking technique to make excellent beef is braised. An important part of the preparation is the marinade. The meat is immersed in wine, preferably Barolo, along with laurel and rosemary. Then is cooked for a couple of hours with carrots, celery, onions and the same wine used for the marinade.

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Borgo Vecchio

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Staying at the Borgo Vecchio guesthouse means enjoying the excellent food of Piedmont. ...
Staying at the Borgo Vecchio guesthouse means enjoying the excellent food of Piedmont. ...
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