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Rice, fish and chestnuts, in the recipes of Lake Maggiore, Piedmont

During your vacation at the Elvezia Boutique Hotel, located on Isola Bella, in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola, on Lake Maggiore, in Piedmont, you can enjoy the delicious typical dishes of this region.


Perch is one of the most tasty fish of Lake Maggiore and it is used in many recipes. Risotto with perch is a delicious and tasty dish, and follow old tradition when the ingredients were used without throwing away anything. Once the fish is clean, the bones and the head are cooked to prepare the soup with olive oil, garlic and aromas. Then they wet with wine and water to prepare a tasty broth for cooking the Carnaroli rice. The fish fillets are prepared separately, floured and fried in a pan with butter and sage, then placed on the rice plate and seasoned with melted butter.

Rice with Perch,


Paniscia or Panissa is a typical risotto of Piedmont and Lombardy, with different variations depending on the area. In the original paniscia of Novara they use borlotti beans, lard, cabbage, onion, celery and carrots. The rice is blended with red wine and is seasoned with pork chops and duja (a typical Piedmont sausage). Paniscia is a rustic and tasty dish, typical of the holiday days.



When autumn arrives, the Piedmontese chestnuts offer many delicious dishes. Gnocchi with chestnuts are a traditional first dish that you will hardly find elsewhere. The dough of the gnocchi is prepared with boiled potatoes, flour and pulp of chestnuts boiled and crushed. Then they add eggs and mix everything, and shape the gnocchi directly on the pot with boiling water. Gnocchi with chestnuts is very good seasoned with pesto or with lard, and chopped Piedmontese hazelnuts.

Gnocchi with Chestnut,


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