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Citrus fruits in spring, music in summer and Santa Claus cavern in Christmas, one year on Lake Maggiore in Piedmont

During your vacation at Elvezia Boutique Hotel, located on the Isola Bella, in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola, on Lake Maggiore, in Piedmont, you can enjoy the festivals and fairs organized every year in this beautiful region.


In March let yourself be inebriated by the scents of “Gli agrumi di Cannero Riviera” (Cannero Riviera citrus fruits). 10 years ago this town decided to showcase the most beautiful and tasty fruits of its territory, citrus fruits, which enjoy a privileged climate on the shores of the lake. Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits, chinotto orange and clementines create a mix of flavor and color. In addition you will find many cakes and perfumes made with citrus fruit.


Beetween July and August on Lake Maggiore, you can attend the Fireworks Festival. The festival is located in a vast territory including some of the towns overlooking Lake Orta, Lake Maggiore and the Ticino Park. There will be 9 fantastic fireworks performances accompanied by music and cruises on the lake to enjoy the show from the water.

Fireworks Festival,


From July to September the nights of Stresa will be gladden by the Stresa Festival. A theatrical and musical exhibition articulated in several appointments with the exceptional background of the lake, or the churches and gardens of Stresa. You will listen to jazz, classical music, flamenco, different genres performed by international music talents.

Stresa Festival,


In July, Orta Festival takes place in Orta San Giulio. At the XVIII edition, the music festival features several concerts of classical music and others of contemporary music played by talented artists from the Italian and international scene. In fact, in addition to Bach, Mozart and Brahms, we will listen to original compositions by contemporary authors included in the All Directions section.


At the end of August, Omegna organizes the Feast of San Vito. For more than 100 years, Omegna celebrates the patron saint with this engaging feast. Around the marina of Omegna you will join to a festive crowd watching the fireworks and to attend the Bench of Charity, always symbol of solidarity and the heart of the festival.


In November, in Baveno, the show Salto Nel Passato (a Jump in the past) will bring you back in the past thanks to the layout set up in the streets of the village. You will find old handicraft shops, stonecutters, tailors, washers, musicians and many others (almost 500) who will revive ancient crafts. The dresses and all the objects will be represented in the smallest details and the public will be able to live a magical atmosphere just behind the Christmas holidays. Moreover oil lanterns, irons, anvils, old wagons, antique pots, dishes and furnishings, photographs, all carefully collected and displayed every year in this beautiful festival.


From mid November to the end of December in Ornavasso you can visit the Santa Claus Cavern. In a stone and marble cavern there is the true Santa Claus house, with so many little gnomes that will help prepare the gifts. On the walls of the cavern you will see themed projections, and you will have fun with lots of music, photos and games.

Santa Claus Cavern,


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