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Palio, food & wine and music between Maremma and Orcia Valley


One the 1st of May in Sant’Angelo Scalo there’s the Palio of the Donkeys. This event sees the donkeys in a race, with their respective jockeys representing the districts of the village. The festival is linked to other equestrian and sports events, with tastings of typical products.


In July in Montalcino there’s the Jazz and Wine Festival. A popular musical event loved by the fans of the genre that combines love for music with tasting of local wines. Montalcino, where the famous Brunello is produced, is the ideal place to offer such an important stage.

3902_Jazz-Wine-in-Montalcino (montalcinonews)_opt

Jazz and Wine Festival photo montalcinonews


In August in Roccatederighi there’s the Medieval Festival. An historical re-enactment that sees the entire transformation of the town, with people in costume, jugglers, storytellers, flag bearers, knights. There will be many artisans and stands with food and objects of all kinds. If you want to buy something you have to remember to change your money at the entrance, because in the Middle Ages they only accept Rocchigiani florins!


In August and October in Montalcino there’s the Festival of the Thrush. This festival has been taking place for more than 50 years and is rich in events. At the festival you can taste roasted thrushes, and you can cheer on the arch shooting tournament with archers in medieval costume, and since we are in Montalcino you can celebrate with a glass of wine!


In late August in Paganico there’s the Feast of Granocchia. The Granocchia is the frog, a common meat in these parts, you can taste it with tagliatelle, with dumplings, in soups or simply fried. Also the stewed Granocchia is very common. The restaurateurs will compete in a real race to see who has made the best frogs menu.


In September in Castel del Piano there’s the Palio of the Assumption, a joust horse in honor of the Virgin of Graces, the patron saint of the town. The race has ancient origins, and sees the village divided into four districts: Borgo, Monumento, Poggio, Storte. In the days before the vent there are important rituals such as the combination of the horses to the neighborhoods, and on the morning of the joust a costumed procession parades in Piazza Garibaldi and then lets the race begin.

Festa dell'uva (nuke.prolococinigiano)_opt

Grape Festival photo nuke.prolococinigiano


In September, in Sasso d’Ombrone there is the Feast of Capitone, this delicious fish is prepared with a recipe called Barbarossa Capitone. It appears that the emperor, stopping at Sasso, was particularly impressed by this dish. The Barbarossa capitone is cooked on the grill flavored with bay leaves.


In October in Cinigiano there’s the Grape Festival, an event that has been held for more then 40 years. For the occasion there will be many tastings, wine cellars will be open and there will be a magnificent procession of floats.

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