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Small villages and thermal baths between Maremma & Orcia Valley


In Val d’Orcia there are several charming villages surrounded by greenery, such as San Quirico D’Orcia, Bagno Vignoni, Pienza. In these villages you will discover culinary specialties, historic buildings and beautiful natural landscapes. Let’s see some villages of this area in detail.


Montalcino is also the town of Brunello, production site of the wine with the same name. This medieval village offers many historical and cultural attractions.

The Priori Fortress or Priori Palace was built in the late thirteenth century. The outer facade of the building has several coats of arms of the various governors. The building still retains a medieval tower, now houses Montalcino municipal administration.


Priori Palace Montalcino

The Abbey of Sant’Antimo is in Tuscan Romanesque style, even though the first settlement dates back to the fourth century. In the twelfth century the church was enlarged. Among the most important features we include the Carolingian chapel, formed by a single nave with beautiful frescoes on the left wall. One of the oldest rooms is the abbey room where the monks used to meet. The abbey church is the best preserved part of the building, the exterior has the bell tower with a 20 meters square plan, the interior has three naves and includes the stands and the apartment of the bishop.

Sant’Agostino’s church dates back to the fourteenth century and its walls have beautiful fourteenth-century frescoes representing the passion of Christ.

Sant’Egidio’s church dates back to the fourteenth century and was built in the Romanesque style, it includes paintings and sculptures.


In the medieval village of Montemerano, a hamlet of Manciano, you can visit the Church of San Giorgio. The interior contains works of great artistic value, the most famous is the Madonna of the Gattaiola, which dates back to the fifteenth century. This painting is in late Gothic with Renaissance influences. The painting has this name because it is cut at the base, located on a port, it is thought that this was a passage for cats, made by a parish priest.

Thermal baths Saturnia


Saturnia, a hamlet of Manciano, is a small village on the hills. Its thermal baths are famous, natural springs with therapeutic properties that have been known since Roman times. In addition to the thermal resorts, the natural area is vast and still allows free use of these waters for the public.


Roselle is a fraction of Grosseto, also called Baths of Roselle. Includes a large archaeological site with the remains of the ancient town with Etruscan origin, the Roman Etruscan walls, the domus of the mosaics, the Roman amphitheatee and the necropolis.


In Grosseto there are the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Palazzo Aldobrandeschi, the well of the Spedale, the well preserved walls dating back to the fifteenth century , the Cassero Senese, the Natural Park of Maremma which includes several towers and fortifications.

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