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Orecchiette, fava beans and meat rolls in Martina Franca, Itria Valley

Fave e foglie

Fava beans and leaves is a typical dish from Puglia, where leaves stands for vegetables like chicory, turnips or sivoni. This dish of poor origins is simple and delicious. The dry beans previously soaked in water should be boiled on low heat, traditionally using a clay pot perfect for this kind of cooking and to preserve the taste of the ingredients. Once cooked, the beans are crushed to obtain a cream. The addition of potatoes makes it even more dense, creamy and enriches the dish flavor. Separately, the leaves are boiled and then seasoned with olive oil. Depending on the vegetables chosen we will have some variations in taste, for example with chicory it is slightly bitter and is often used in this recipe because it goes well with the sweetness of the beans. The bean cream and the leaves can be served in separate dishes or mixed, in this case ‘ncrapiet, in the local dialect.


Orecchiette with tomato sauce photo blog.cookaround

Orecchiette al sugo

Orecchiette are the symbol of Puglia, and in addition to orecchiette with turnips, you can enjoy excellent orecchiette with tomato sauce. Orecchiette have the characteristic shape of small ears, and those that are handmade with fresh pasta have no equal! The simple mixture of flour and water must be skillfully worked to obtain the correct elastic and robust consistency perfect to keep the cooking. The dressing is simply prepared with oil and garlic and chopped onion. Finally add the tomato sauce which can be a little bit stronger with the addition of red pepper.


The gnummareddi rolls are prepared with the entrails of lamb: liver, lung, kidney, and inserted into the guts, seasoned with parsley and fennel. The dish is linked to the ancient tradition of sheep farming in Puglia, which is also found in other regions of the South of Italy with other names and variations, the Gnummareddhi were prepared with scraps of offal. Today you can enjoy them grilled with olive branches or laurel.


Gnummareddi photo braciamiancora


The Bombette are rolls of pork stuffed with cheese, spread throughout Puglia but especially in the Valley of Itria in Martina Franca, Cisternino, Locorotondo and Alberobello, with different variations depending on the seasonings and spices used. For the preparation you normally use capocollo and the filling is prepared with pieces of Canestrato of Puglia, the roll is closed in a rounded shape, that’s why they are called bomblets. They are excellent cooked on the grill and the cheese that softens the flesh inside is a real treat for the palate. Bomblets in Puglia are often cooked and served as street food along with the bread.

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