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Olives, wine and music in the food festival of Salento

During your stay in in Lecce, in Salento, in Puglia, you can enjoy olives, wine and music in the food festival of Salento.


In February in Martignano there’s the CARNIVAL OF SALENTO GREECE. This great carnival has been celebrated for thirty years with parades and floats, and renews its goals towards a multicultural world, environmentally friendly and sustainable. The “death te lu Paulinu” is the final part of the event, a straw puppet with a paper mask, which is burned at the end of the carnival.


In July in Martignano there’s the GRIKA SALAD AND SAUSAGE FESTIVAL, an event of tomatoes, peppers, onion, arugula, olives and capers. Another star of the menu is the succulent grilled sausage! A perfect match for a summer evening!

Locomotive Jazz Festival Lecce photo newsimedia


Between July and August, in Lecce there’s the LOCOMOTIVE JAZZ FESTIVAL. In addition to Lecce, there are other beautiful stages between buildings and beautiful landscapes in collaboration with Fai, hosting music concerts, but also exhibitions, tastings and conferences. Get ready to get in the historic train Salento Express for the route Bari, Locorotondo, Alberobello, Lecce and for the path Lecce Gallipoli with music, of course!


In August in Melpignano there’s the NIGHT OF TARANTA. This night is the conclusion of a popular music festival that takes place in different squares of Salento and ends in Melpignano with the “big concert”. The final concert is an event which sees dozens of artists alternating on stage going beyond the simple folk music and each year they attract thousands of spectators.

Night of Taranta Melpignano photo culturaeculture


In September in Carpignano there is the FESTIVAL TE LU MIERU. Lu mieru is the wine that for a weekend will be the star of the festival, as happens since the ’70s. This festival was founded as an event to celebrate and raise awareness of the wine from the last harvest, during the years, in addition to the excellent wine tastings, other foods and wines and music have been added. The traditional dances of Salento like pizzica and taranta will keep you awake all night, and you can take part to many other cultural events such as exhibitions and visits to the most important monuments of Carpignano.


In October in Martano there’s the FESTIVAL DE LA VOLIA CAZZATA or crushed olive festival. The olives of this area, so important for the production of oil, are also used in this way. The olives that are not mature are crushed and stored in a container with cold water. The water is changed every day in a week and then the olives are seasoned with garlic, oil and hot pepper and still kept in a container. During the festival you can enjoy free tastings of these Salento specialties, and accompany them with good wine, homemade bread and cheese.

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