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Mussels, rice and the traditional flavours of Apulia

Riso al Forno alla barese (Tiella)

The baked rice of Bari, also called Tiella, or rice with potatoes and mussels, is a typical dish originally from Bari and spread throughout Puglia. It’s a rich and substantial dish! For the preparation, according to tradition, they use a clay pan (baking dish), where they proceed by arranging in layers tomatoes, potatoes, cheese, mussels and rice. Everything always seasoned with olive oil, salt, parsley, pepper and garlic. The last layer is abundant with bread and grated cheese, and with the slow cooking in the oven they get a perfect gratin! A delicious dish that can be stored in the refrigerator and eaten the next day.

patate riso cozze (giallozafferano)_opt

Baked rice of Bari photo giallozafferano

Calzone alla barese

The calzone of Bari, or calzone of Puglia is a simple but tasty calzone with onions. Traditionally they use white onions, it was born as poor dish, but of course now there are many variations. Today we add olives, ricotta and tomatoes that give life to a stuffed calzone which is flavorful, delicious hot or cold. Guests can also enjoy it with anchovies, and in some cases the white wine is used for the dough which gives a further taste nuance.

Cozze fritte

If you love seafood, you can taste the fried mussels, an original dish of Taranto, where fishing and the production of mussels are traditional activities. Fried mussels are served as an appetizer or to enrich a second course of fish or other mixed frying. The secret lies in the preparation creating a rich and tasty batter with eggs, flour, cheese, parsley and pepper, it must be rather “solid”, in fact the clean mussels are added one by one to the batter that will be softened by their own water. So you start frying it in hot oil, the cooking must be fast to not overcook the mussels and maintain a crispy golden brown outside. A lighter version of this dish just sees the mussles breaded with egg and breadcrumbs and then fried. A delicious dish made of fish!

Fried mussels photo giallozafferano

Rosata di mandorle

The Rosada of almonds is a cake created in the Altamura area. This dessert of Puglia is very old and is linked to the abundance and the cultivation of almonds that is very developed in the area. In particular, the Almond Toritto is considered a product of excellence for the fragrance and taste and is the main ingredient in many desserts and recipes, including the Rosata cake. The Rosada of almonds is prepared with pastry and almond paste flavored with vanilla and lemon. In the filling can be inserted pear marmalade, cinnamon, ground almonds or chocolate chips. There will be slight variations from one area to another, but the result is always a soft and delicate dessert.

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