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Villas, cathedrals and palaces in Viterbo Area

During your stay at Tenuta di Santa Lucia, situated in Soriano nel Cimino, in Viterbo district, in Lazio, you can visit Villas, cathedrals and palaces in Viterbo Area.


Palazzo Orsini was built in the thirteenth century as a medieval castle, it was modified several times in the following centuries and still stands on top of the hill in all its grandeur. It is used for temporary exhibitions and cultural events.

Soriano nel Cimino

The Papacqua Fonte, adjacent to the beautiful palazzo Chigi-Albani, is characterized by its impressive sculptures. The main figure is Moses, aim to hit a rock with his staff to make water flow, the other figures are statues representing the four seasons and the shepherd with the flute.


The Palace of the Popes is one of the landmark buildings of Viterbo, dates back to the thirteenth century and is located on San Lorenzo hill. Built to protect the pope, it has a fortified structure, and inside there’s the hall of the conclave where Gregory X was elected Pope.

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo was built in Romanesque style, later modified in the Renaissance style. Inside there is the tomb of Pope John XXI, besides precious frescoes and paintings.


Palace of the Popes Viterbo

The Town Hall of Viterbo is formed of two buildings, the Palazzo del Podesta and the Palazzo dei Priori. Inside of the rooms there are beautiful frescoes dating back to late sixteenth century, among the most important ones there are those of Baldassare Croce representing several episodes of the rebirth of the town.

The Church of Santa Rosa has medieval origins but has been modified several times over the centuries, until 1913 when the dome was built. The church is dedicated to Santa Rosa, the patron saint of Viterbo, and at the inside it houses her tomb.

The Civic Museum of Viterbo includes a rich picture gallery with works dating back to the twelfth and the fourteenth century, including the Pietà by Sebastiano del Piombo, and The Nativity of the Pastura. The museum also houses collections of coins and everyday objects and fifty sketches of the Machine of Santa Rosa made in the eighteenth century.


The Palace of the Loggia, built in the 500, contains several frescoes. Especially those of the main floor represent the scenes of the Aeneid on the ceiling and glimpses of Bagnaia, Siena and Florence on the walls. In many rooms there are biblical scenes, portraits of several popes, other peasant scenes representing the planting and harvest.

The Town Hall built in 1515 also includes beautiful frescoes of the period and the coat of arms of Cardinal Barberini, who ruled over Bagnaia in the mid-seventeenth century.

Villa_Lante bagnaia_opt

Villa Lante Bagnaia

The Borgo Tower built in 1221 has the characteristic medieval battlements and the clock was added later. Its structure is joined to the palace called “castle” built in the following centuries.

Villa Lante overlooks an artificial lake and is known for its beautiful gardens, with fountains, fountains, sculptures and different panoramic terraces.


In Caprarola you can visit the beautiful Palazzo Farnese, built in the mid-500, has a pentagonal shape with a courtyard in the middle, divided between summer and winter areas, the rooms are decorated with beautiful frescoes.

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