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Music, beer festival and medieval markets of Lunigiana, in Tuscany

During your stay in La Luna di Quarazzana, situated in Fivizzano, or in the Villa Norma located in Licciana Nardi, in Tuscany, you can enjoy music, beer festival and medieval markets of Lunigiana, in Tuscany.


In June in Moncigoli there’s the VOLEROCK, the music festival of the Lunigiana. Dedicated to emerging rock bands, the festival consists in three days of concerts with free entry. Born in 1997, it is an excellent opportunity for young musicians and for the development of the area, since it’s linked to local charity events. Along with the concerts you can taste typical food of the area as stuffed panigacci, beer and wine.


In June in Fivizzano there’s the FLAVORS, an exposition of typical products of the territory of Massa Carrara. At the trade show, you can discover and buy Dop chestnut honey, testaroli, porcini mushrooms, cheeses, wines and meats. Since some years there are also typical products of the near regions such as Emilia and Liguria, which share the Tuscan traditions and flavors. As contour of the event there will be a performance by the Historical Group of Fivizzano, with people in costume, musicians, flag weavers, that will bring the town back to the Medici period.

Flavors, Fivizzano photo comunefivizzano


In July in Fivizzano there’s the DUEL OF THE ARCHERS, a medieval re-enactment inspired by the events of 1572 when soldiers belonging to different factions, competed in the Medici Square. The event will include the swearing of archers, the costume parade, and the archery competition between the five districts of the village.

Duel of the Archers, Fivizzano photo ecodellalunigiana


In July in Moncigoli, there’s the BORGARTE. The event is open to all forms of art that can enhance the area. During three days we will see sculptors, musicians, painters, dancers, actors who show their talents. In addition there will be many antique markets with books, everyday objects and collectibles. The locations will be cellars and courtyards of the houses of the village.


In July in Fivizzano and in the surrounding villages, there’s the PIOERO FESTIVAL, the beer festival. The pioero is Piovere in the local dialect and indicates an area between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan Apennines. Several local breweries will be able to show their artisan beers, a perfect event for beer lovers! Also, you can enjoy wurstel and sauerkraut, fried potatoes, pies, pork and desserts. The festival will be accompanied by live music, DJ sets and craft markets.


In August, in Gragnola, a Fivizzano fraction, there’s the MEDIEVAL MARKET. It’s considered one of the most beautiful markets of Lunigiana. There will be over 100 exhibitors of crafts and almost 400 typical food products, located between the old shops and stands placed in the alleys in the old town center. Also, there will be people in period costumes, jesters, musicians and flag wavers, a carousel and lots of games for children and adults.

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Borgo di Quarazzana lies eight kilometers from Fivizzano, offering breathtaking views of the Apuan Alps, encased am...
Borgo di Quarazzana lies eight kilometers from Fivizzano, offering breathtaking views of the Apuan Alps, encased am...
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