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Intense flavors in Macerata surroundings


According to a popular legend, the typical recipe of the Marche, the Vincisgrassi, were prepared to honor Windisch Graetz, an Austrian general who had fought with much honor in defense of Ancona in 1799 against Napoleon’s troops.

This tasty and delicious main dish is practically a kind of baked pasta that is made up of several layers, and is dressed with grated parmesan cheese and a special sauce prepared with many different types of meat.

The vincisgrassi represent a very traditional and rustic dish, and each family keeps a personal recipe of it. In fact, some prepare it with fresh pasta that has been flavored with cooked wine and Marsala, others enrich vincisgrassi with béchamel, and there are also those that add in the sauce cockscombs such as other offal.

One of the simplest versions, however, proposes the vincisgrassi made with fresh lasagne which are then dressed with a sauce made of meat of pork, of beef, with the addition of chicken giblets, such as lungs, hearts and livers, all flavored with bacon. Moreover, between a layer of lasagna and the other, it is added a nice sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese. A really tasty dish.

Vincisgrassi foto giallozafferano

Vincisgrassi foto giallozafferano


In the Marche the Calcioni are called in various ways, many of which are nothing more than traditional dialected forms transformed in Italian. Basically, the Calcioni are nothing but ravioli of fresh pasta usually salted, while in the north of the Marche you can enjoy both a version with spinach and a more sweet one.

Once this rich recipe was mostly reserved for the occasion of the Easter holidays. Once the families went customarily to meet the shepherds, who with their flocks they passed villages and rural areas, to trade wheat, meat, eggs and chickens as well as wine and vinocotto of Marche, with lamb, cheese and milk. The filling of the Calcioni consists of eggs and pecorino cheese. Depending on the variants they can be gently or strongly scented with lemon or cheese, with a flavor that is always fragrant.

Polenta con salsiccia e costarelle foto mrsquasifourty

Polenta con salsiccia e costarelle foto mrsquasifourty

Polenta con salsiccia e costarelle

The polenta with sausage and costarelle is a rich and flavorful dish, in which the typical aromas and flavors of winter are enclosed. His taste encloses all the meanings of the culinary tradition of the Marche. A dish with clear peasant origins, is an especially present food in the culinary tradition of Macerata.

Poor but tasty elements such as corn flour, sausages, ham either thin or fat, pork chops and pecorino grated cheese, are the basic elements for the preparation of the dish. 

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