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Historical commemorations, cars and summer carnival in Savona area

During your stay in Borgata Cantone, situated in Garlenda, in Savona district, in Liguria, you can take part to historical commemorations, cars and summer carnival in Savona area.


In July in Garlenda there’s the Convention of the Fiat 500. A must for the fans of this car that has never stopped to fascinate. From the old 500 to the latest models, everyone is welcome to the rally that has been held for over thirty years. In a few days, the 500 will leave for various routes in the surrounding villages, including an impressive 500 by night at Alassio. We can also visit the Multimedia Museum of the Fiat 500 and the Villafranca park with sculptures made out of old parts of the 500.


In July in Alassio there is the Feast of Colors. A colorful summer carnival with floats and impressive attention to detail. The special feature of this carnival is that each group will have a dominant color to follow and the entire town will be divided in the colors of their respective districts. Lots of music and entertainment until late night will make these summer days unforgettable.

festa dei colori_opt

Feast of Colors Alassio


In July in Albenga there’s the Palio dei Rioni. In 1227 Federico II divided the town into the districts of San Giovanni, Santa Maria, Santa Eulalia and San Siro. Today the same districts compete each year to win the prize. In four days Albenga goes back in time with tournaments, games and shows, we will see the street jugglers and musicians, artisans and old trades, we’ll taste the menu inspired by the Middle Ages and attend the election of the most beautiful woman of the Palio, the “Pulcherrima Puella “.


In July in Finale Ligure there’s the Palio of the Companions. For the occasion a medieval camp is set up in front of fake walls, the actors will enact different episodes from the life of the Marquis of Finale. There’s also a parade in costume and at the end there’s the archers tournament divided into districts to compete for the coveted prize.


In August in Laigueglia every year there’s the Battle of the Saracens. It is an historical re-enactment of the Saracen invasions that occurred in the sixteenth century. In particular, in 1546 there was an invasion night against the village which was ransacked. In fact the reconstruction of the event takes place at night, when more than 200 participants in costumes give life to a battle with a group at the sea and one on the ground to represent the two people fighting in front of the bastion. Their weapons are foam balls and the battle is fierce and spectacular. There will be many vintage sailboats from across the region to be a scenic design and make the event even more intense. After the battle, the festival continues in the center with music and shows, tastings and shops open until late, and finally, the fireworks on the pier.

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Borgata Cantone is situated on the stunning Western coastline of Liguria, the famous Riviera di Ponente....
Borgata Cantone is situated on the stunning Western coastline of Liguria, the famous Riviera di Ponente....
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