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Churches, castles and ancient bridges in Savona area

During your stay in Borgata Cantone, situated in Garlenda, in Savona district, in Liguria, you’ll have the possibility to visit churches, castles and ancient bridges in Savona area.


A Finalborgo, a hamlet of Finale Ligure, we can visit the Basilica of San Biagio. The link with the saint is very old, he is the patron saint of wool carders, activity that characterized the village since the Middle Ages. The church dates back to the thirteenth century and was connected to an old hospital which no longer exists. Inside there are many frescoes made in the following centuries and on the facade there’s the marble group representing the baptism of Jesus.

The Theatre Aycardi is one of the oldest in Liguria, opened in 1804. It consists of 24 stages and an audience for 250 people, the facade was recently restored.

The monastery of St. Catherine was built in the fifteenth century, and renovated in the following centuries, when the cloisters and the bell were added. Some parts dating back to the fifteenth century are still preserved as some cycles of frescos which represent the life of Mary.


The small medieval village of Zuccarello was founded in 1248. Here you can visit the church of San Bartolomeo, built before the foundation of the village. In the old town center there’s Palazzo Marchionale which houses many frescoes. This palace was the site for the signing of the agreement between the Republic of Genoa and the Marquis of Finale in 1459.


Castle of Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena


In Castelvecchio there’s the Castle, built in the eleventh century on a hill with a square plan, with its towers still retains the medieval style and offers panoramic views of the town below.


In the village of Laigueglia there’s the parish church of St. Matthew. It was built in the second half of the eighteenth century in baroque style. It is characterized by two twin bell towers with majolica domes. Inside we find many valuable paintings and a font dating back to the sixteenth century. Next to the church there’s the oratory of Santa Maria Maddalena, built in the seventeenth century and many of the furnishings date back to that time as the planks and the large crucifix. On the coast near Laigueglia we can see the last of the three towers that were built to fight the Saracen raids. The tower is called the Bastion or Bastion of Levante.

chiesa-san-matteo (imperiapost)_opt

Church of St. Matthew Laigueglia photo imperiapost


Colla Micheri is a small village, a hamlet of Andora. The village is situated on the hills not far from a beautiful coastline. Its peculiarity is that from the sea the houses are invisible, hidden among the slopes. This was a deliberate choice to ensure that the village would not be spotted from the Saracen ships during the raids.


In the small town of Castelbianco there are some bridges. Bridge du Tecciu, dates back to medieval times and is completely made of stone with two arches, one crosses the creek Pennavaire and the second a road. The bridge was the ancient connection with Arnasco. The Bridge du Carpe is also located on the creek Pennavaire, made of stone with a single arch. Finally, the Bridge over the Rio Oresine, connecting the village to Colletta through the river Rio Oresine and taking advantage of an old mule track.

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Borgata Cantone is situated on the stunning Western coastline of Liguria, the famous Riviera di Ponente....
Borgata Cantone is situated on the stunning Western coastline of Liguria, the famous Riviera di Ponente....
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